Green Nanotechnology For Industrial Effluent Treatment

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

Concepts of Nano chemistry, physics & bio

Profit From Nanotechnology

Nano Materials -Concepts & Fundamentals

Nano Structures – Concepts & Fundamentals

Carbon Nanotubes- Applications

Nano – Synthesis & Fabrication

Nano -Characterization & Manipulation

Bio- Nano – Concepts & Fundamentals

Bionano Medical- Technology & Applications

Tools for measuring Bio- Nano Properties

Advance Bio- Nanotechnology

Semicond. Nanostructures & Nanomaterials

Nanostructures in Pharmaceuticals

Nanobiopharmaceuticals based Drug Delivery

Nanotechnology for Drug delivery

Bio-Nano pharmaceutical Application

Nanomedicine: Future of Disease Management

Nanotechnology – Lab Procedure & Safety

Kitchen waste to Carbon Nanomaterials

Digital Waste to Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Thermal Power Plant Waste to Rare Earth Elements

Zinc Smelter Waste to Iron and Zinc Nanoparticles

Nanotechnology in Optoelectronics

Drug Designing: Traditional and In Silico

Sugarcane Waste to Biofuel

Precision Medicine for Public Health

Pharmacovigilance: Concepts and Applications

CRISPR-Cas Defense Mechanism

Genome Editing Technologies: Principles and Applications

Concepts of Anti-Microbial Coatings

Concepts & Fundamentals of Solar Paints

Smart Concretes

Smart Sensors for Buildings

Nanotechnology for Spintronics

Nanotechnology for Flexible Electronics

Nanomaterials for Automobiles

Advanced Bioprocess Engineering

Lactose Intolerance in Humans

Development of C4 Plants by rDNA Technology

Industrial Viability of Single Cell Protein

Bio refinery- From Biomass to Value Based Bio products

Patent in Biotechnology

Extraction of Rare Earth Metals using Microbes

Biotechnology Techniques to Combat Deadly Diseases

Pollution Control via Microbial Degradation

Drug Designing: Traditional and In silico

Waste to Nano-material Production & Industrial Certification

Waste Water Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology

Nanosensitization Program

Silicon Nanostructures and Carbon Nanotubes based Nanoelectronics

Integrated Program

Industry Program In Nanotechnology

Introductory Program in Nanotechnology

Nano pharmaceuticals & It’s Industrial Applications

Nano-pharmaceuticals and its Efficacy in Drug Delivery

Bionanotechnoloy & Its Medical Applications

Waste Water Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology

Waste to Nano-material Production & Industrial Certification

Silicon Nanostructures and Carbon Nanotubes based Nano electronics

Nanoelectronics and Its Industrial Applications Program

Nanotechnology In Renewable Energy And It’s Industrial Application
Long Courses

“Elevate your scientific writing to new heights – Communicate your research effectively”
Scientific & Technical Writing Workshop

Kitchen Waste To Quantum Dot Synthesis

Industrial Effluent Treatment Workshop

Carbon Nanoparticles For Antimicrobial & Cytotoxicity Efficacy

Hydrogel Nanocomposites For Biomedical Applications

Green Nanoparticles: Application To Drug Delivery

A 10- day Professional Workshop to excel in Corporate Language
Professional Corporate Training Workshop

“Small Particles, Big Impact”
Nanogels and their Biomedical Applications Workshop
Virtual Workshop
”Empower your research with Python programming skills”
Python Programming for Biologists: For Beginners
Virtual Workshop
“Innovative solutions for industrial and environmental pollutant detection”
Colorimetric Nanosensors For Detection Of Industrial & Environmental Pollutants, And Pathogenic Biomarkers: The Nano-Eye Approach
Virtual Workshop
“Elevate your scientific writing to new heights – Communicate your research effectively”
Effective Scientific Writing Workshop: Techniques and Strategies for Communicating Research Findings
Virtual Workshop
“Dive deeper into marine biomaterials for cutting-edge research and development”
From the Sea to the Lab: Understanding the Potential of Marine Biomaterials
Virtual Workshop
“Empower your research with Python programming skills”
Python for Biological Data Science: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming
Virtual Workshop
“Unleashing the power of R: Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization Techniques”
R Programming: Basic to Advanced Workshop
Virtual Workshop
Beyond the Hype- “The Real-World Applications of Quantum Dots”
Quantum Dots: Their Biological and Sensor Applications
Virtual Workshop
“Nanoparticle-based Electrochemical Sensors: Bridging the Gap between Research and Industry”
Nanoparticles based Electrochemical Sensors Workshop
Virtual Workshop
Building a Sustainable Future: The Power of ESG
Building a Sustainable Future: A Workshop on Environmental, Social And Governance Business Strategies
Virtual Workshop
Bio-climatic design: Advancing the science of sustainable architecture
Designing High-Performance Buildings with Passive Strategies and Software Tools
Virtual Workshop
MFCs: Driving sustainable innovation and energy efficiency
Microbial Fuel Cells: The Next Generation of Sustainable Energy Technology
Virtual Workshop
Better the understanding of the process better the H&S Management system
Decoding the Risk Assessment: Health & Safety Management
Virtual Workshop
Don’t Just Analyze Data, Make It Work For You
Supervised Machine Learning Using Python
Virtual Workshop
From Micro to Macro: Bridging the Gap with Miniaturized Ceramics
Miniaturization of Porous to Transparent Ceramics for Structural and Functional Applications
Virtual Workshop
The Future of Research is Here
Python Programming For Biologists :A Guide To Programming
Virtual Workshop
“Take your writing skills to the next level”
Creative Writing of a Science Manuscript
Virtual Workshop
“Turn kitchen waste into something valuable”
Synthesis of Carbon Dots from Kitchen Waste
Virtual Workshop
“Unveiling the truth behind DeepFakes”
DeepFakes: Creation, Detection, and Impact Workshop
Virtual Workshop