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For the budding engineers and professionals it is very important to know and understand the latest that when they join the industry they are capable of giving back to the industry what they have learned and gained during their academic pursuits.

B.Tech. Aeronautical/ Space Engineering.

Various nanoparticles have been successfully employed as filler materials in aircraft construction to improve the properties of structural and non-structural polymers. Carbon nanotubes, nanoclays, nanofibres, and graphene are among the most regularly used nano-composites, and activators).

Now is your chance to advance your career by participating in important nanotechnology-related programmes and gaining knowledge of current research being conducted throughout the world.

B.Tech. Mechanical /Automobile/ Robotics Engineering.

The automobile industry is a major user of material technology, and nanotechnologies promise to dramatically improve the performance of existing technologies. Applications vary from the currently existent – paint quality, fuel cells, batteries, wear-resistant tyres, lighter but stronger materials, ultra-thin anti-glare coatings for windows and mirrors.

You may now innovate and advance your career by learning about nanotechnology and become a next-generation manufacturer.

B.Tech. Biotechnology.

Nanotechnology involves the interplay of biological and molecular components as well as manufactured materials. Bionanotechnology, on the other hand, often applies this to atoms, molecules, and molecular fragments – the most fundamental level of biology.

Boost up your knowledge with an edge of nanotechnology and grab your opportunity to bring a change in Biotechnology industry.

B.Tech. Civil/ Construction/ Manufacturing Engineering

Nanotechnology has the potential to significantly improve civil engineering. The use of nanotechnology-based coatings improves fire resistance, corrosion protection, insulation, and a variety of other uses. Nanotechnology can even assist in improving the quality and availability of water.

Get yourself into an emerging science of nano to upgrade your skills and learn more about discoveries done so far in constructional and manufacturing industry.

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

Nano computing is a term used in computer science to describe nanotechnology. which is classified as Electronic Nano computing, Mechanical Nano computing, Chemical Nano computing, Quantum Nano computing, and so on. As technology advances, software can be reduced to ever-lower levels.

Microprocessor miniaturization is currently taking place at nanometer sizes. However, the style of our modern technology is still the same as ancient technology that produced a refined product from bulk resources, so take the appropriate path and don't miss out on the opportunity to learn something fascinating.

B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

This is due to the fact that electrical engineering is an essential component of nanotechnology research. The foundation of electrical engineering, from transistors to semiconductors to integrated circuits, is also the foundation of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology has enhanced the electronics industry and is still doing, you can also become the part of revolution by fusing your conventional knowledge with emerging nanoscience, choose the right program for yourself to keep up with the innovation.

B.Tech. Electronics & Communication

Nanotechnology in communication systems also allows producers to build computer processors and sensors that are far smaller, faster, more energy efficient, and less expensive to produce than their current modules.

Nano being a new generation of science can lead your path towards all new advance knowledge and skill that can surely make you an edge above others, so don't miss your chance to grab this opportunity and select an appropriate course today..

B.Tech. Chemical Science/ Polymer/Ceramic and Technology

Nanoparticles can also be used in environmental applications. Because of their small size, nanomaterials have several unique features. They are excellent catalysts due to their large surface area. Catalyst, sensor, coating, adsorption, drug delivery, and other applications are common in the chemical engineering discipline.

So, its time to get your knowledge heighten up by learning some exciting concepts of Nanomaterials which may lead to an innovative future which you might discover. 

B.Tech. Fashion Technology/ Textile Engineering

Several fabric treatments have been developed employing nanotechnology to produce certain increased fabric properties, such as superior durability, softness, tear strength, abrasion resistance, durable-press, and wrinkle resistance.

Enroll yourself to a new journey of Nano world by choosing suitable course and master the skills to uplift your profile.

B.Tech. Food Technology

Food processing, food packaging, functional food development, food safety, detection of foodborne pathogens, and shelf-life extension of food and/or food products are just a few of the applications of nanotechnology that have emerged as a result of the growing need for nanoparticles in various fields of food science and food microbiology.

Nanoscience not only has an ability reforms the industrial sector but also your profile so join the revolution and become a nanotechnologist, choose the Programs which are apt to skills.

B.Tech. Materials/ Metallurgical/ Mining

Nanotechnology assisted metallurgy is a new interdisciplinary field that investigates how nano-phases, both ex-situ and in-situ, can be designed to improve the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of metals and alloys.

Choose the right program for yourself and learn the leading science to enhance your knowledge to become a part of industrial revolution.

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Emerging Nanotechnology 

  • Advances in disease treatments.
  • Better imaging Equipment 
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Energy-efficient products
  •  Durable, Light-weight tools.
  •  Efficient product.
  • Nanostructured catalysts
  • Smart Electronics 
  • Novel weapons in Defense

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