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What is an online programme? And how does it differ from normal Distance Learning Programme?

An online programme is a next level distance learning programme in which the student is not required to come physically to a campus or a classroom regularly. He is required to study the interactive online study material through Internet at his own pace. Examinations are conducted at the end of program through online mode.

What extra edge does Nano School Club give me?

  • The programmes are self-paced and are offered online four times in a year (Mar, June, Sept and Dec.)
  • Interactive e-Learning Study Material (LMS) developed by specialists in the field is available to students online for anytime anywhere learning. 
  • Study Material in the form of e- Books .
  • Online presentations, videos and quizzes at the end of each chapter make the reading more interesting, engrossing and easy for self-assessment. Online Assignments, Quizzes Online Mentoring and Support, Chat Sessions, Discussion Forums.
  • Stamped Certification and Mark sheet from the Director of Nano Science and Technology Consortium.

Is NSTC affiliated to UGC/AICTE?

These training programs do not come under preview or affiliation through AICTE/UGC. NSTC provides the certification training programs as compare to other corporate houses .NSTC has been working in area of certification training programs one of major area for past 15 years.

Does NSTC provide placement assistance?

NSTC is supported by an in-house full-fledged Placement division which guides and helps all the passing out participants by helping them in preparing their resumes, getting them geared up for interview rounds, preparing up for various interview techniques, also helping them in applying for various positions and arranging interviews with Potential Companies.

Who will benefit from NSTC’s online programmes?

  • Students
  • Graduation / Post-graduation / PhD in any scientific discipline.
  • Those who are pursuing graduation in Science/ Engineering can also apply
  • Experienced professionals, academicians and researchers too are advised to join NSTC’s advanced E-Learning program.
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    What does NSTC stands for?

    NSTC stands for the Nanoscience and Technology Consortium of India. Since its establishment in 2006, the organization has been committed to delivering high-quality content in the field of nanoscience and has since expanded into other scientific domains. The NSTC is renowned for its contributions to cutting-edge research and has established itself as a leading authority in the field.

    Is there a Registration fee for becoming a Mentor?

    Registration is absolutely free of charge.

    What are the minimum qualifications to qualify as a Mentor?

    An individual with a PhD degree from a reputable university, five or more years of experience in their respective field, and a reputable position in an institute or company with which they are associated should register on the platform. However, the final qualification is determined only after thorough background checks and sample presentations

    Who can become a Mentor with NSTC?

    An individual who is actively working with academic institutes or companies, or a freelancer who is actively working on social platforms, and fulfills the minimum eligibility criteria in terms of experience and qualifications, may register on the platform. The minimum qualifications may be relaxed in case of an outstanding achievement record.

    What is the procedure to become a Mentor?

    An interested individual can register by finding the Mentorship section under the Opportunities tab( The first step is to fill out all the details requested in the form and submit it. After completion, our team will establish contact to discuss the terms and conditions of work. Finally, a consent form will be shared with the interested individual, which must be filled out and shared to complete the onboarding process

    How do Mentors get rewarded?

    Mentors receive remuneration for their contributions based on the prior agreement established during the onboarding process. The remuneration depends on the mentor's profile and varies based on their records. All mentors will find the relevant information on their respective consent forms.

    When do Mentors receive the remuneration?

    Bank account details are requested from the mentor prior to an event, and the sum is transferred directly into their bank account within 15 days of the event's completion. For example, if an event commences on June 19th June 2023 and ends on 22nd June 2023, the days shall be considered from 22nd June 2023 onwards.

    Does a Mentor require prior training?

    A Mentor comes with immense experience and does not require any additional academic training, however a mentor may require some ethics and soft skill training as the online spaces have to be conducted in a different format.

    How can a Mentor benefit from the platform?

    Other than the remuneration, we provide opportunities such as consultancy services to both academic institutions and Industry based on the area of expertise that increases the reputation in the market, further we provide an opportunity to provide their IP to the open markets for better visibility and rewards. Other than that a Mentor can also become a project guide

    What kind of audience does a mentor have to deal with?

    A Mentor may find a diverse audience such as Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, researchers, professors and Industry professionals.

    What are the types of events hosted on the platform?

    An event may be of several types- workshop, 1on1 consultancy, online project guidance and virtual conferences. All the above mentioned events are hosted online via google meet. To find out more click on the link -

    What are the workplace requirements for the mentor?

    A calm, solid color background in a well-lit environment with no disturbances is required, and mentors must ensure proper connectivity and working microphone and webcam. Any disturbance caused due to unknown circumstances must be compensated for in a timely manner.

    Is it possible to make amendments in the schedule?

    A schedule cannot be changed unless a proper medical reason has been submitted prior to the event. If no prior notice is given, the mentor may not be able to reschedule the event.

    Who provides the content and decides the schedule?

    A mentor is free to give suggestions and may decide the time for the event, however if there are multiple events then the mentor would be given options based on the schedule.

    What kind of decorum has to be maintained by the mentor during a virtual workshop?

    As a mentor during a virtual workshop, it's important to maintain a professional and respectful decorum. Dress appropriately and professionally. Be punctual and prepared for the event. Be respectful towards the participants and their opinions. Use clear and concise language while communicating. Encourage participation and engagement from the participants. Avoid any discriminatory or offensive language or behavior. Maintain a professional tone throughout the workshop. If any technical issues arise, address them in a timely and professional manner. Follow the schedule and allotted time for the workshop.

    What should a mentor do incase of a technical glitch?

    In case of a technical glitch with the microphone, webcam, or internet connectivity, a mentor should immediately inform the team for assistance. If there are audio or video issues, the mentor should apologize and request the attendees to cooperate.

    What kind of mentoring opportunities do you offer?

    We offer a variety of mentoring opportunities, including virtual skill workshops, online self-paced courses, consultancy, mentoring sessions, industry projects, and judging in competitions and Assessments.

    How much time do I need to commit as a mentor on your platform?

    The time commitment as a mentor on our platform varies depending on the mentoring opportunity you choose. Some opportunities, such as virtual skill workshops and online self-paced courses, require a set amount of time, while others, such as consultancy and industry projects, may require a more flexible time commitment. We will work with you to find mentoring opportunities that fit your schedule.

    Can I mentor on your platform if I am based outside of India?

    Yes, we welcome mentors from all over the world to join our platform. We believe that diverse perspectives and experiences are essential to providing our clients with the best possible mentoring opportunities.

    How does an International Mentor get remuneration?

    An International Mentor receives remuneration by 2 ways
    1) Primary : Paypal
    2) Secondary : Direct Bank Transfer

    What is the Language of Instruction?

    Language of Instruction is primarily in English.

    What kind of support is provided to the mentor?

    We offer soft skill training to mentors who may not be familiar with platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom, as well as provide ethical guidelines. Our team will provide mentors with detailed information, including various indicators to improve the overall impact of any event.

    Prerequisites for the Mentor before hosting an online event?

    To ensure a smooth and professional experience for all participants, it is important for a mentor to meet certain prerequisites before hosting an online event. Firstly, if the mentor is presenting information in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, it should be professionally edited and include the NSTC logo (which will be provided by our team). Additionally, the mentor should test the software or application with Google Meet prior to starting the workshop to avoid any technical issues during the event. These simple steps can help ensure a seamless and successful online event for all involved.

    Incase of confusion or discrepancy, what are the necessary steps taken by our organization?

    In case of confusion or a conflict of interest, we directly communicate the matter with the concerned person to resolve the issue within a given timeframe, ensuring a smooth workflow with minimal confusion