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Nanotechnology for Spintronics

Shaping the Future of Electronics with Spin at the Nanoscale

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The program “Nanotechnology for Spintronics” dives deep into the integration of nanoscale materials with spin-based electronics, exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of harnessing electron spin in computing and information storage technologies. Through a series of interactive lectures, labs, and projects, participants will gain insights into the material science and engineering principles that are pivotal for developing spintronic devices. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between nanotechnology and electronic engineering, providing a comprehensive understanding of how nanostructures can manipulate electron spins for enhanced device functionalities.


To empower participants with the foundational knowledge and cutting-edge applications of nanotechnology in spintronics, enabling them to innovate and drive advancements in this interdisciplinary field.

Program Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of spintronics and nanomaterials.
  • Explore methods for synthesizing and characterizing nanomaterials used in spintronics.
  • Analyze the behavior of electron spins in nanostructured devices.
  • Design and simulate spintronic devices using modern computational tools.
  • Evaluate the commercial and technological impacts of spintronics in the industry.

Program Structure

  • Introduction
  • Material & Methods
  • Spintronics VS Conventional electronics
  • Spintronics Market
  • Current advancements in Spintronics
  • Project Report Submission/ Article Writing

Participant’s Eligibility

  • B.Sc. in Physics, Materials Science, or Electrical Engineering: Fundamental understanding of the scientific principles relevant to nanotechnology and spintronics.
  • M.Sc. in Physics, Materials Science, or Electrical Engineering: Advanced knowledge and research experience in specialized areas of spintronics.
  • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or Computer Science: Technical proficiency in electronic device fabrication and computational modeling.
  • M.Tech in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, or Computer Science: Specialized skills in designing and developing spintronic devices and systems.

Program Outcomes

  • Master the fundamental principles of spintronics and its applications in modern electronics.
  • Acquire hands-on experience in the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for spintronics.
  • Develop skills in designing and simulating spintronic devices.
  • Gain insights into the current challenges and innovations in the field of spintronics.
  • Prepare for advanced studies or careers in nanotechnology and electronic engineering.

Fee Structure

Standard Fee:           INR 4,998           USD 110

Discounted Fee:       INR 2499             USD 55






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Program Assessment

Certification to this program will be based on the evaluation of following assignment (s)/ examinations:

Exam Weightage
Mid Term Assignments 20 %
Final Online Exam 30 %
Project Report Submission (Includes Mandatory Paper Publication) 50 %

To study the printed/online course material, submit and clear, the mid term assignments, project work/research study (in completion of project work/research study, a final report must be submitted) and the online examination, you are allotted a 1-month period. You will be awarded a certificate, only after successful completion/ and clearance of all the aforesaid assignment(s) and examinations.

Program Deliverables

  • Access to e-LMS
  • Real Time Project for Dissertation
  • Project Guidance
  • Paper Publication Opportunity
  • Self Assessment
  • Final Examination
  • e-Certification
  • e-Marksheet

Future Career Prospects

  • Research Scientist in Material Science
  • Spintronics Device Engineer
  • Nanofabrication Specialist
  • Quantum Computing Researcher
  • Semiconductor Process Engineer
  • Spintronic Integrated Circuit Designer

Job Opportunities

  • Research and Development Engineer: Work on developing new spintronic materials and devices for various applications in technology.
  • Spintronics Device Fabrication Engineer: Specialize in the manufacturing and testing of spintronic devices within semiconductor fabrication plants.
  • Quantum Computing Scientist: Utilize spintronic principles to enhance the development of quantum computing technologies.
  • Data Storage Solutions Architect: Design innovative data storage systems using spintronic technology to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Academic Researcher: Conduct theoretical and applied research in universities or research institutions focusing on advancing the field of spintronics.

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