AI in Financial Modeling: Advanced Predictive Techniques

AI, financial modeling, predictive analysis, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, risk assessment, investment strategies, data management, feature engineering, time-series forecasting, ethics, regulatory compliance

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Online/ e-LMS
Self Paced
12 weeks


This 12-week course is designed for M.Tech and M.Sc students in computer science and IT, as well as professionals in the BFSI, analytics, and fintech sectors. It covers machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing to interpret and predict financial outcomes. Through video lectures, hands-on labs, and live expert sessions, participants will learn to develop and implement AI models to drive financial decisions and strategies.


The course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize financial modeling through enhanced decision-making and predictive analysis. The course aims to equip participants with the skills to apply AI in analyzing stock markets, assessing risks, and optimizing investment strategies.

Courses Objectives

  • Understand AI in Financial Contexts: Grasp the role of AI in financial modeling and decision-making.
  • Develop Predictive Models: Learn to create and use various AI-driven predictive models for financial analysis.
  • Practical AI Application: Gain hands-on experience in applying AI tools like Python, R, and TensorFlow to financial datasets.
  • Ethical and Regulatory Insights: Navigate the ethical and regulatory challenges of implementing AI in financial environments.

Courses Structure

  • Introduction to AI in Financial Modeling:
    • Learn the foundations of financial modeling and the significant role AI plays in enhancing financial decision-making.
    • Gain insights into AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning, and their applications in finance.
  • Data Management and Preprocessing:
    • Understand the sources and management of financial data crucial for AI modeling.
    • Explore data quality, preprocessing, and feature engineering techniques to prepare data for effective AI analysis.
  • Advanced Predictive Modeling Techniques:
    • Dive into time-series forecasting using models like ARIMA and LSTM networks to predict market trends.
    • Study risk management models, including credit risk modeling and market risk prediction, using AI.
  • Implementing AI Models:
    • Learn about the integration of AI models with financial systems, including APIs and real-time data feeds.
    • Address the challenges and solutions in deploying AI models within financial environments.
  • Ethics and Regulation:
    • Discuss the ethical considerations and regulatory compliance issues relevant to AI in finance.

Participant’s Eligibility

  • Students: M.Tech, M.Sc in Computer Science, IT, and related fields.
  • Professionals: E0 & E1 level professionals in BFSI, analytics services, and fintech IT services, looking to enhance their skills in AI-driven financial strategies.

Courses Outcomes

  • Mastery of AI in Finance: Deep understanding of how AI can be applied in various financial contexts.
  • Analytical Skills Enhancement: Enhanced ability to analyze data and predict financial outcomes using AI.
  • Practical Model Development: Skills in developing and implementing AI models for real-world financial problems.
  • Readiness for AI Challenges: Preparedness to address ethical and regulatory issues in AI applications within the financial sector.

Fee Structure

Standard Fee:           INR 10,998           USD 198

Discounted Fee:       INR 5499             USD 99





Placement Assistance

  • Career Services: Resume and interview preparation workshops specifically tailored for finance and technology sectors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Regular webinars and guest lectures from industry leaders to provide insights into the financial industry and potential job opportunities.
  • Corporate Partnerships: Collaboration with leading financial firms to align course content with industry needs and enhance job prospects for participants.

Future Career Prospects

  • AI Financial Analyst: Develop models to predict market trends and investment opportunities.
  • Risk Management Specialist: Use AI to assess and mitigate financial risks effectively.
  • Quantitative Developer: Create algorithms and systems to automate trading and financial analysis.
  • AI Strategy Consultant: Advise financial institutions on integrating AI into their operations to enhance efficiency and profitability.

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