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Summer/ Winter Internship & Training

The training designed by keeping in mind your comfort and pace.

Develops greater skills

In the summer of 2023, you can start your career from anywhere. The online summer internship training incorporates cutting-edge skills in your respective field.

Earn university credit

One will polish their profile, develop skills for success, and learn from the finest, along with hands-on practical to build some innovation. 

Utilize your spare time

Summer vacation are typically spent with friends & family. But, it can be an opportunity to make some choices that will have an impact on career.

Learn scientific writing

Scientific and Technical Writing is a unique and diverse field, which integrates itself in the field of all latest technologies on the face of the Earth.

Learn anytime from anywhere 

Participants can work on their topic according to their ease at college, home or where internet connection is possible.

Latest trend based assignments

Additional activities perform by participants such as quiz participation, submissions of views about topic and online assignments.

Get authentic certificate 

This project will give them an additional certificate which could be beneficial in their career in the industry as well as from the research point of view.

Real-time project  work

Working on real-world projects is part of a summer internship. You will need to put your knowledge into practice. You will be working for the company.

About us

NSTC’s Nano School Initiative is compilation of educational products, designed to provide opportunities for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science to learn about how Nano science touches our lives and how cutting edge research could change our world in the future.

With an attention on the changing patterns of different ventures, we have come up an assortment of skill enhancing courses to empower the youth and professionals to upgrade themselves as per the changing necessities of the industries.

Main Benefits 

  • Well Planned Courses
    We intend to meet the emerging demands of nanotechnology professionals and prepare the participants for a successful career in Nanoscience and Technology, for various industries.
  • Best Experienced Mentors
    To provide best advice on professional development and advancement, thus enhancing qualities and overcoming weaknesses.
  • Integrated Technology and Unparalleled Content
    Emphasize strong technical, scientific skills to the trainees thus creating professionals, well grounded in the principles of scientific and technical documentation also.
  • Over 18 Years of Experience
    NSTC has created a platform conducive for growth, promotion and partnering in the field of Nano Science and Technology, bringing together industries, students, academia and government through educative processes.
  • Trusted by:

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    Domains for Summer Internship

    Applied & Basic Science

    At the nanoscale, matter's properties can vary, and a material's behavior can be unexpected. 

    Mechanical & Automation

    The automobile industry is a major user of nanotechnologies to dramatically improve the performance of existing technologies.

    Electrical & Electronics

    Nanotechnology can enhanced the electronics industry by fusing conventional knowledge with emerging nanoscience.

    Material & Chemical science

    Nanostructures of well-known materials are being used in innovative ways by materials scientists.

    Life science & Biotechnology

    The life sciences are increasingly using  nanotechnology in industries including tissue engineering, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

    New York, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

    The Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Market Report 2022-2032: This report will prove invaluable to leading firms striving for new revenue pockets if they wish to better understand the industry and its underlying dynamics. It will be useful for companies that would like to expand into different industries or to expand their existing operations in a new region.
    Nanoparticles are Gaining Tractions in the Global Market for Drug Deliveries


    Nanotechnology Based

    • Formulation of resin based Graphene coatings for anti corrosion applications.
    • Study of electrical conductivity of Graphene nanoplatelets.
    • Study of transmittance and reflectance properties of nano zirconia for solar cell applications.
    • Studying Antiviral and Antibacterial properties of Silver Nanoparticles.
    • Formulation of resin based Graphene coatings for anti corrosion applications.
    • Concepts & Fundamentals of Solar Paints.
    • Nanomaterial Structure for Battery.
    • Nanotechnology in Opto- Electronics
    • Nanotechnology in Flexible- Electronics
    • Semiconductor Nanostructures & Nanomaterials

    Many more.....

    Biotechnology Based Dry Lab Projects

    • Computational Cures: In-silico Drug Designing Project
    • Gene Mappers: Genomics Analysis Project
    • Next-Gen Vaccines: Vaccine Designing Project
    • Gene Silencers: siRNA Designing Project
    • Evolutionary Detectives: Phylogenetic Analysis Project
    • Designing of Algorithms for Replication, Transcription and Translation of Genes of severe Diseases
    • Designing of Primers using Perl Language
    • Algorithm for Identifying Nucleotides using Perl Language
    • Prediction of Sequence of Proteins expressed from a Gene using Perl Language

    Many more.....

    What you'll get

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    • 02 - Fill Details

    • 03 - Course Selection

    • 04 - Submit

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