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Deepen your knowledge in specialized area of Artificial Intelligence with our self-paced Programs. Learn on your schedule and earn a recognized credential to validate your expertise and enhance your resume.
Elevate your skills through interactive Live Workshops. Learn by doing with live interaction and network with peers, building valuable connections in the Artificial Intelligence community.
Gain industry insights with our Live Industry-Led Programs! Learn from renowned experts in live online courses, diving into current trends and hottest topics in Artificial Intelligence.

Notice : Please be advised that the P.G Certificate delineates only the eligibility criteria and does not confer a degree accredited by any university or institute, as per the provisions of the Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC).


  • Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals

  • Programming Languages and Tools

  • Healthcare and Pharmacy

  • Business and Finance

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Ethics and Policy

  • Specialized Application

Self Paced
Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals

Self Paced
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Self Paced
Advanced Machine Learning

Self Paced
Computer Vision and Image Processing

Master Artificial Intelligence for Career Growth

Navigate the trans-formative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with NSTC's industry-leading course catalogue. Designed to empower individuals at all stages of their careers, our comprehensive suite of AI courses equips you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the intelligent future.

  • Students

  • Industry Professionals

  • Academicians & Ph.D Scholars

For Students

Empower yourself for the future with NSTC's AI courses specifically designed for students. Our comprehensive curriculum provides a solid foundation in AI principles, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to confidently launch your AI career.

Explore Your Potential:

    • Introductory Programs: Gain a foundational understanding of AI concepts, machine learning algorithms, and their practical applications.

    • Intermediate Programs: Deepen your knowledge by delving into specific AI subfields like computer vision, natural language processing, or robotics.

    • Advanced Programs: Challenge yourself with advanced topics like deep learning, reinforcement learning, and ethical considerations in AI.

NSTC's student advisers are here to help you navigate our course offerings and identify the program that best aligns with your background, interests, and career goals.

Artificial Intelligence Global Alliance (AIGA)To foster collaboration, innovation, and ethical standards in the development and application of artificial intelligence technologies across various sectors, ensuring beneficial ...

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Achieve Excellence & Enter the Hall of Fame!

Elevate your research to the next level! Get your groundbreaking work considered for publication in  prestigious Open Access Journal (worth USD 1,000) and Opportunity to join esteemed Centre of Excellence. Network with industry leaders, access ongoing learning opportunities, and potentially earn a place in our coveted 

Hall of Fame.

Achieve excellence and solidify your reputation among the Artificial Intelligence elite!

Yearly Package Plans

Basic Package

INR 13499/-

*INR 5999/-

USD 100

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • 2 Virtual Workshops
  • 1 Article Writing Competition
  • 1 Self Paced Short Course
  • Team Support by mail

Premium Package

INR 14999/-

*INR 9999/-

USD 250

Simpler, faster and  more effective flexible move

  • 4 Virtual Workshops
  • 1 Article Writing Competition
  • 3 Self Paced Short Course
  • 1 Mentor Led Short Course
  • 1 Virtual Conference
  • 1 Paper Presentation
  • Rapid Team Support

Advanced Package

INR 13999/-

*INR 7999/-

USD 150

Simple, fast and just for you

  • 3 Virtual Workshops
  • 1 Article Writing Competition 
  • 2 Self Paced Short Course
  • Team Support within 24 Hrs

Flexible Learning Formats to Suit Your Schedule

NSTC prioritizes your learning experience by offering a flexible learning approach:

  • Self-Paced Programs: Learn at a pace that aligns with your schedule. Our meticulously crafted video lectures, interactive exercises, downloadable resources, and lifetime access to course materials empower you to master AI concepts on your own terms.
  • Mentor-Based Programs: Benefit from personalized guidance and support from industry experts. Interactive sessions, project-based learning, and dedicated career coaching provide a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Workshops: Immerse yourself in intensive, hands-on workshops designed to equip you with practical AI skills for immediate application. Sharpen your expertise with focused workshops led by AI professionals.

Invest in Your Future with NSTC's AI Expertise:

At NSTC, we firmly believe AI holds the potential to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. Our comprehensive AI courses provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become a highly sought-after asset in the AI-driven workforce. Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your career with in-demand AI skills.

Embrace the Future of AI . Explore our course catalog today and discover the program that propels your career forward.

Learn From world's leading Experts

  • Mentor



Amity University, Noida, India,



Datta Meghe Institute of Education and Research,


Academic Consultant

Global Solution United, Malaysia,


Professional Excel Expert

Professional Excel Expert,



CSE Department of IEM, University of Engineering & Management,


Assistant Professor

Department of Information Technology, PVPSIT,


IT Professional Mentor

IT Trainer, Wipro,


IT Professional Mentor

IT Consultant,

Industry professional

National and International Participants

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the AI courses?

Basic knowledge of programming is recommended. Specific courses may require familiarity with mathematical concepts.

How are the courses delivered?

Courses are delivered online with a mix of live lectures, interactive sessions, and hands-on projects.

Can I work full-time while taking these courses?

Absolutely! Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate working professionals.

What type of support does Nano School offer to its students?

We offer academic guidance, technical support, and career counseling to ensure our students succeed.

How do Nano School’s certifications enhance my career?

Our certifications are recognized by industry leaders worldwide, helping you stand out in the job market.

Are there opportunities for networking with other AI professionals?

Yes, we host regular networking events, and our online platform allows you to connect with peers and experts.

P.G Certificate Programs (Self-Paced)

AI in Tax Planning and Management

To equip PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in leveraging AI for tax planning and more..

Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of AI in Accounting

To provide PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in understanding and managing the more..

AI in Financial Analysis and Forecasting

To equip PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in leveraging AI for financial analysis more..

AI in Auditing and Compliance

To equip PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in utilizing AI to improve auditing more..

AI in Educational Research

To provide PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in applying AI to educational research more..

Enhancing Student Engagement with AI

To provide PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in using AI to enhance student more..

AI in Classroom Management and Administration

To provide PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in utilizing AI to streamline more..

AI in Personalized Learning and Adaptive Education

To equip PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in utilizing AI for personalizing more..

AI in Clinical Research

To provide PhD scholars and academicians with advanced skills in leveraging AI for clinical research more..

Mentor Based / Live Industrial Course

Web Wizardry Unleashed: Advanced CSS & JavaScript Techniques

The aim of “CodeCraft: Mastering Modern Web Magic,” a 3-day intensive workshop, is to equip more..

AI and Ethics: Governance and Regulation

The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with a deep understanding of the ethical, more..

AI for Cybersecurity: Threat Detection and Prevention

The aim of the workshop “AI for Cybersecurity: Threat Detection and Prevention” is to provide more..

Core ML Concepts – Use in AI

To provide a foundational understanding of machine learning, covering essential theories, more..

Data Visualization – Use in AI

To empower participants with the skills to effectively visualize and interpret AI-generated data, more..

Data Analysis – Use in AI

To provide a deep understanding of data analysis techniques and their application in artificial more..

Microsoft Azure for AI Services and Computing Power

Equip participants with the necessary skills to leverage Microsoft Azure for deploying AI services more..

OpenCV – Use in AI

To enable learners to apply OpenCV for enhancing real-world applications through artificial more..

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for AI Services and Computing Power

To provide learners with comprehensive insights into utilizing Google Cloud Platform for deploying more..

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