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Mechanical Engineer

Physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and material sciences are all naturally integrated. At the nanoscale, matter's properties can vary, and a material's behavior can be unexpected. Conductivity, reactivity, optical, and magnetic properties, for example, are directly proportional to the size of the items or material.

Now get your chance to add up nanotechnology in your profile and become nanotechnologist from biologist/ physicist/ chemist and know all about the matter from its atomic level.

Electricals & Electronics Engineer

Nanotechnology and nano engineering have the potential to lead to substantial scientific and technological advancements in a variety of sectors. Nano systems advances have enabled the development of new sensors, transducers, and measurement devices with much improved sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy, as well as significant size reductions

Nanotechnology has enhanced the instrumentation industry and is still doing, you can also become the part of revolution by fusing your conventional knowledge with emerging nanoscience, choose the right program for yourself to keep up with the innovation.

Civil & Construction Engineer

Nanotechnology has the potential to significantly improve civil engineering. The use of nanotechnology-based coatings improves fire resistance, corrosion protection, insulation, and a variety of other uses. Nanotechnology can even assist in improving the quality and availability of water.

Get yourself into an emerging science of nano to upgrade your skills and learn more about discoveries done so far in constructional and manufacturing industry.

Material & Chemical Engineer

Nanotechnology assisted metallurgy is a new interdisciplinary field that investigates how nano-phases, both ex-situ and in-situ, can be designed to improve the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of metals and alloys.

Choose the right program for yourself and learn the leading science to enhance your knowledge to become a part of industrial revolution.

Biotechnology & Medical student

Nanotechnology involves the interplay of biological and molecular components as well as manufactured materials. Bionanotechnology, on the other hand, often applies this to atoms, molecules, and molecular fragments – the most fundamental level of biology.

Boost up your knowledge with an edge of nanotechnology and grab your opportunity to bring a change in Biotechnology industry.

Make a real change

Nanotechnology applications are delivering on nanotechnology's promise to improve society in both expected and unexpected ways, following almost two decades of basic nanoscience research and more than fifteen years of dedicated R&D.

Many technology and industry sectors are benefiting from nanotechnology, including information technology, homeland security, medical, transportation, energy, food safety, and environmental research, to name a few. A selection of the fast growing arrays of nanotechnology benefits for various profession are described below.




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