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Nano-pharmaceuticals and its Efficacy in Drug Delivery

A Distance Participation Program with e-learning Management System to provide you all new concepts of applications of Nano-science in pharmaceutical industry.




Graduation / Post-graduation / Ph. D in Pharmacy / Bio-pharmaceuticals / Medicine / Clinical
Sciences/Biotechnology/ Chemical Sciences.


Self Paced/  Mentorship


About the Program

Nano-pharmaceuticals offer the ability to detect diseases at much earlier stages and the diagnostic applications could build upon conventional procedures using nano-particles. Nano-pharmaceuticals represent an emerging field where the sizes of the drug particle or a therapeutic delivery system work at the nano-scale. In the pharmaceutical industry, a long standing issue is the difficulty of delivering the appropriate dose of a particular active agent to specific disease site. Nano-pharmaceuticals have enormous potential in addressing this failure of traditional therapeutics which offers site-specific targeting of active agents. Such precision targeting via Nano-pharmaceuticals reduces toxic systemic side effects, resulting in better patient compliance.


The program aims to give participants a thorough grasp of amazing new applications of Nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. It equips the participant to explore further and discover the power of the nanoscale science in the pharma world. While the subject matter is covered in great depth, a lot of attention is paid to ensure that the participant understands practical applications of the study material in the domain of Nanopharmaceuticals.


The increasing demand and applications of
pharmaceutical nanotechnology has resulted in a large number of openings in the pharma and other healthcare industries. This program will help graduates and post graduates to increase their knowledge in nanopharmaceuticals, equipping them to pursue careers in a diverse range of drug-related industries.

Learning Objectives of Program

  • Understand the basic concepts underlying Pharmaceuticals at Nanoscale
  • Understand various Nanoparticles applied in Pharmaceuticals for the betterment in drug discovery and drug delivery systems
  • Understand the utility of diverse Nanostructures used in drug delivery systems
  • Understand the Bionanotechnology based drug delivery systems

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of Nanopharmaceuticals

Module 2: Nanoparticles Used in Drug Delivery

Module 3: Nanostructures Used in Drug Delivery

Module 4: Nanobiopharmaceuticals based Drug Delivery

Key Features of Program

  • program delivery through e-Learning Management System.
  • Self-study course material.
  • Guidance & support from Experts.
  • includes Lessons, PDFs, Videos, Presentations, Important web-links, Quizzes for active participation.
  • Award of statement of marks.
  • Award of certificate.

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Self Paced

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Advanced course

Self Paced + Project Assistance

  • Complete Basic Course
  • + Free Course on Technical Writing
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  • Award of Mark sheet from NSTC
  • Printed Study Material at Doorstep

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