Waste Water Remediation using 

Polymer Nanotechnology

A Distance Participation Program with e-learning Management System to provide you all new concepts of wastewater treatment directly from the experts.


3-6 Months


Grad/ Post-grad/ Ph.D./ Academicians/ Researchers/ Corporate Professionals


Self-Paced/ Online

Program Overview

The Program Nanotechnology in Wastewater Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology is an advanced program meant to enhance the knowledge base of participants in the area of wastewater treatment caused due to chemical industries by using the advance Nanotechnology. It enables the participant to not only excel in water remediation but also industrial uses and benefits of polymer nanocomposites.
The innovative Program Nanotechnology in Wastewater Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology aims to give participants a thorough grounding in the skills necessary for a technology-based career in Polymer Industries as well as waste water treatment plant industry.

Successful students will have knowledge enhancement in the field of Wastewater Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology and their methods of treatment by nanoscience there by dealing with the real time problems of water pollution.


The program comprises of five modules. The modules include online tutorials and assessments, and are evaluated through project work and online assignments. The program consists of online mid-term assignments, a final online examination and project work.

Program Outline

Module 1: Wastewater vs Clean water

Module 2: Nanotechnology for wastewater treatment

Module 3: Polymer Nanocomposites

Module 4: Design of a Prototype filtration system

Various Job Opportunities

  • Waste water/ Sewage treatment Management Engineering- Design or supervise projects involving the provision of drinkable water, wastewater and sewage disposal, or flood damage prevention. Prepare environmental documentation for water resources, compliance with regulatory programmes, data management and analysis, and field work. Perform pipeline design and hydraulic modelling.
  • ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Manager- Responsible for testing of industrial wastewater and household sewage treated water samples for BOD, COD, TSS, SS, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, and Chloride, followed by maintenance of ETP, STP, and ozone plant operations.
  • Process cum Automation Engineer-  Experiments are being conducted on site to continuously improve operations. This may include revising the treatment procedure or maintenance regimen, as well as changing the automation logic in the locations.
  • Project Manager- Water Treatment- Provides project management control for all phases, including coordinating with workers, subcontractors, material, and equipment, as well as ensuring that requirements are met and work is completed on time and on budget.
  • Quality Assurance- Quality assurance professionals are in charge of monitoring, inspecting, and recommending changes to a company's final goods and processes in order to ensure that they fulfil defined quality standards.

Nanoparticles offer a lot of potential as waste water treatment agents. Its unique property of having a large surface area allows it to effectively remove harmful metal ions, disease-causing microorganisms, organic and inorganic solutes from water. Metal-containing nanoparticles, carbonaceous nanomaterials, zeolites, and dendrimers are among the nanomaterials that have been shown to be effective for water purification.

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Course Plans

Basic Course

3 Month Self Paced Course

INR 14,999/- or USD 190
  • Access to e-LMS
  • Immediate commencement
  • Study material at your doorstep
  • Paper Publication Opportunity
  • Self Assessment
  • Final Examination
  • Printed certification
  • Printed Marksheet
Advanced Course

6 Months Self Paced Course

INR 24,999/- or USD 310
  • Access to e-LMS
  • Immediate commencement
  • Study material at your doorstep
  • Complete Basic Course
  • Complementary Scientific Technical Writing
  • Real Time Project for Dissertation
  • Paper Publication Opportunity
  • Self Assessment
  • Final Examination
  • Printed certification
  • Printed Marksheet

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