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An age of smart devices

The considerable appeal of nanoscale electronics for consumer applications stems from their potential to be both flexible and transparent without sacrificing performance.


A technology that will influence the future of consumer electronics.

Innovations on the nanoscale will play a substantial position in accomplishing future gadgets: Nano structures provide digital overall performance past what's viable with present day very large-scale incorporated circuits; even gadgets that don't require substantial computing energy stand to gain from progressed performance accomplished the use of nanostructured materials. Moreover, via way of means of permitting the opportunity of gadgets which are low value and concurrently flexible, transparent, and lightweight, nanostructured answers are attractive to almost any tool system

Benefits of Nanotechnology in future devices

Powerful Processors

Nanoelectronics holds the promise of making computer processors more powerful than are possible with conventional semiconductor fabrication techniques

Low Energy Consumption

The production of displays with low energy consumption might be accomplished using carbon nanotubes (CNT). 

Cheaper and Efficient Devices

Research is ongoing to use nanowires and other nanostructured materials with the hope to create cheaper and more efficient solar cells than are possible with conventional planar silicon solar cells.

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Here’s what people quote about future of Nanoelectronics

Richard E. Smalley

American chemist and physicist 

I like the word “nanotechnology.” I like it because the prefix “nano” guarantees it will be fundamental science for decades; the “technology” says it is engineering, something you’re involved in not just because you’re interested in how nature works but because it will produce something that has a broad impact.

Steve Mollenkopf

Today, billions of mobile devices with extraordinary power are uniting with advancements in robotics artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and so much more.

Ralph Merkle


Nanotechnology will let us build computers that are incredibly powerful. We'll have more power in the volume of a sugar cube than exists in the entire world today.


Get to know all about recent research and technology in Nanoelectronics

The study and exploitation in solid-state devices of electron spin and its associated magnetic moment, along with  electric charge – is already an established technology.
Wearable electronics
The age of wearable electronics is upon us as witnessed by the fast growing array of smart watches, fitness bands and other advanced, next-generation health monitoring devices such as electronic stick-on tattoos.
Electronic devices that source, detect and control light – i.e. optoelectronic devices – come in many shapes and forms.

who all could be the beneficiaries


Industrial people/ Researchers/ Academicians


Post- Graduates (M. Sc., M. Tech, M.E)

Physics, Chemistry, Computational, Nanoscience & Technology, Materials Science, Metallurgy, Electricals, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication.

Under-Graduates (B. Sc., B. Tech., B.E) 

Physics, Chemistry, Computational, Nanoscience & Technology, Materials Science, Metallurgy, Electricals, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication.

Various Job Opportunities

Nanotechnology has compact all spaces of our lives. These embrace materials and manufacturing, electronics, computers, telecommunication and IT, medicine, health, Atmosphere and energy storage, chemical and biological technologies, and agriculture. Because of such a good impact of this area of study, there's an large demand for extremely qualified researchers, and engineers who will use engineering science to bring transformative merchandise for the expansion of the economy and nations.

Nanotechnology Engineer

Junior Research Fellow

Project Fellow

Patent Agent

Applications/ Manufacturing Engineer

Suggested Courses

Nano Sensitization Program

The Program aims to provide good academic foundation in the areas of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. It intends to meet the emerging demands of nanotechnology professionals and will prepare the participants for a successful career in Nano Science and Technology, for career advancement of existing professionals in various industries.

Nanoelectronics & Its Industrial Applications

This advanced program is meant to enhance the knowledge base of participants in the area of electronics. It enables the participant to be able to understand the various processes and business aspects of nano scale technology in electronics from the point of view of the industry

Silicon Nanostructure & Carbon Nanotubes

Nanotechnology has affected nearly every field of Engineering and Science but most of the innovation and funding in Nanotechnology came from Electronics giants. 

Nanotechnology In Energy And Its Industrial Application

This program aims to shine light on the third generation solar cells, as it is the only renewable form of energy which encompasses the use of nanotechnology. Here we shall discuss in detail how nanotechnology is used in third generation solar cells, their individual components, fabrication strategies, and their future.