A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Welcome to the NSTC (Nano Science and Technology Consortium) Mentor section! Our platform is designed to attract academicians, subject matter experts, and professionals who want to share their skills and expertise with students, researchers, and professionals in the latest and emerging areas of Nano Science and Technology.

Combine your skills and interests for financial success !

Impart knowledge in the areas of your choice

Choose the subjects you want to teach, allowing you to utilize your knowledge and skills to the fullest.

Schedule lessons at your convenience

Ability to set your own schedule, so you can balance your teaching with other commitments and responsibilities.

Receive fair and attractive remuneration

With competitive pay, you can be motivated and incentivized to continue growing and improving as a mentor.

Reasons to partner with us:

A mentor's responsibility is to support a mentee's personal and professional growth by imparting information, skills, and experience. The mentoring relationship is based on trust, respect, and open communication, and it entails regular meetings between the mentor and mentee in order to share ideas, go over progress, and set development objectives.

Give back your knowledge to the society

Commercialize your existing patents

Advice industries for their product development

Become consultant for mega funded  projects

Connect with Industries for industrial consultations

Wide-up your network for collaborative research

Aim & Mission:

Our objective is to spark the enthusiasm for mentorship and advising among students, educators, and industries by building a platform that gives researchers from all backgrounds the ability to disseminate their knowledge and experience to students globally. We hold the conviction that every mentor holds the capability to influence people, and our aim is to equip them with the necessary tools and support to impart their skills and wisdom to learners.

Areas of potential contribution include


i. Make use of available equipment to create products in a variety of fields such as Nanotechnology, biotechnology and other emerging sciences.

ii. Assist in the development of prototypes using cutting-edge technology.


i. Put a focus on developing soft skills holistically, learning from mistakes, and developing the self-motivation to pursue excellence.

ii. Encourage participants to develop a business plan in order to establish long-lasting and prosperous businesses.


i. Concentrate on problem solving, including design thinking elements.

ii. Instilling a solution-oriented mindset.


i. To change mindset and behavior, eliminate bias and stereotypes.

ii. Assist the youth and researchers in participating in workshop & Training activities by offering advice and support, running races, boot camps, etc.

Don't know where to start?

Step 1 - Simply fill out a form and let us know that you're interested in becoming a mentor.

Benefits to the Mentor

Becoming a mentor can enrich your life on a personal and professional level by helping you do the following:

Build your leadership skills

It helps you develop your ability to motivate and encourage others. This can help you become a better manager, employee, and team member.

Learn new perspectives

By working with someone less experienced and from a different background, you can gain a fresh perspective on things and learn a new way of thinking – which can help in your work life as well as your personal life.

Convert your knowledge into your profit

Showing that you've helped others learn and grow is becoming more and more essential to advancement in today's business world. Now, its time to get rewarded with handsome remuneration for each guidance and training.

Gain personal satisfaction

It can be very personally fulfilling to know that you've directly contributed to someone's growth and development. Seeing your mentee succeed as result of your input is a reward in itself.

Join Nano Science & Technology Consortium & earn for your advisor-ship!

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Key Roles For Mentor

The modern work climate places a huge emphasis on mentoring. Mentors assist in filling in skill gaps and provide their knowledge and experience to help their mentees grow. They aid businesses in developing a motivated, talented, and dynamic workforce that is equipped to meet difficulties head-on.

Accelerates and Enhances Growth:

By fostering mentees' professional and personal growth, mentors aid in their development. To do this, they give their mentees insightful criticism and pointers that will lead them in the right direction. Mentors assist mentees in becoming more disciplined, organized, and effective employees. Inspiring and motivating their mentees, mentors are an invaluable resource.

Insights and Knowledge

Mentors have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the business fraternity because they are seasoned members of it. They are in a unique position to help their mentees swiftly pick up new abilities since they can offer them insights, information, and guidance. For instance, a knowledgeable mentor could teach mentees effective methods for carrying out specific duties.

Offer Constructive Feedback

Good mentors provide their mentees constructive criticism that aids in their personal and professional development. In order to help their mentees find realistic solutions to their challenges, the mentor builds a trusting relationship with them. Good mentors pinpoint their mentees' biggest issues and offer tailored guidance to help them solve those particular issues.

Build Connections

Because mentors are seasoned professionals in their fields, they have crucial contacts with influential people. As a result, they may give mentees access to many of these priceless relationships, greatly advancing their mentees' careers. One of the best ways for anyone to increase their knowledge and employment prospects in any industry is to develop industry-specific connections.


Why should I register?

If As a mentor with NSTC, you'll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with others, help others achieve their goals and succeed in their careers, stay current with the latest trends and developments in Nano Science and Technology, build your network and connect with other professionals in the field, and enhance your own skills and knowledge through the mentorship process.you want to share your technology, knowledge with wide audience with mutual benefits, you must register here.
Further, if you have a patent filed and trying to find a way to commercialize it then this platform can be of great use for you.

What qualifications do I need to become a mentor with NSTC?

Initially we conduct all event virtually. But any offline event will be conducted with mutual discussion and understanding as per your concern and availability.

What types of mentorship opportunities are available with NSTC?

NSTC offers a variety of mentorship opportunities, including workshops, conferences, training programs, and consultancy assignments. We'll work with you to determine the best fit for your skills and expertise, as well as the needs of our students, researchers, and professionals.

How to Submit my plan / Idea of mentorship ?

After successful registration, you will get an option of "Submit Proposal" in right side of your dashboard, where you can enter detail of your proposal and submit.

What exactly NSTC do?

Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC), a unique Nanotechnology platform and the premium organizations in India promoting Nanotechnology since 2006 with the goal of fostering research, business collaboration and providing advanced education and training in the nanotechnology industry thereby, playing a proactive role in India's development process in the field of science and technology.
Lately, we have been doing:

Web conferences ; Training programs ; Workshops ; Collaborations ; Publications ; Consultancy ; Technology transfer

What is expected from mentors?

Major Roles for mentors are mentioned below:

  • Works collaboratively to provide constructive feedback and strategic direction, guidance for quality improvement of content, and evaluate the effectiveness of the structure of the training program.
  • Helping us in ensuring the up-to-date courses in HSE relevant to business and industry needs.
  • Guidance over customised training programs curriculums.
  • Flexible hour based mentorship via video (live or recorded) lectures.

How mentors would be rewarded/ paid/ compensated?

Mentors get rewarded from any one of the two models:

Model 1: Get remuneration as per lecture.
Model 2: Get rewarded of up to 20% Payout

How many times do mentors have to conduct knowledge sharing session?

It depends on the availability of mentor. One can conduct any number of events with us in a month or fixed number of events every month.

How many hours of engagement is required from a mentor?

For any event, minimum 1 hour of engagement is required.

Can I recommend some one ?

Yes, our platform is open for all academicians.

Which all areas do you cover?

We cover all scientific areas and now started working with non-scientific areas too.

Will I have to go to some location or travel ?

Initially we conduct all event virtually. But any offline event will be conducted with mutual discussion and understanding as per your concern and availability.