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Our Story

Nanoschool educates and informs a worldwide audience of researchers, engineers and scientists with the latest industrial challenges, information and insights from the Nanotechnology industry through training programs, publication and workshops.

What we provide

Nanoschool  has a highly experienced advisory board which keeps you up to date with latest trends and knowledge regarding nanoscience and bioscience through an interactive mode.

We distribute all of this information using a broad range of content types, including:

  • Content rich encyclopedic articles, which cover a range of nanotechnology topics from the fundamentals to very niche application areas.
  • Editorial features which discuss recent industry developments.
  • Interviews with key opinion leaders and industry professionals giving their unique insight into the world of Nanotechnology.
  • Product profiles, which help to solve the problems you face within the industry. You can also contact the supplier directly via our ‘request a quote’ function.

We also include the latest videos, supplier profiles and event listings.

Participants so far from:

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Prof. Himadri B. Bohidar

NCEAN, Teri-Deakin, Nanobiotechnology Center, Gurgaon
Formerly Professor of Physics & Nanoscience, School of Physical Sciences and Special Center For Nanoscience, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

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Time for some Internship now

A real time to learn new things, become accustomed to the workplace, follow procedures, and analyze the career path you have chosen to pursue.

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 Notice Board 

Professional Corporate Training Workshops


  • Workshop 1- Language of Meetings
  • Workshop 2- Telephonic Conversation
  • Workshop 3- Emailing to get results
  • Workshop 4- Advanced Simulations
  • Workshop 5- Effective Negotiating Techniques
  • Workshop 6- Successful Presentation Techniques

Workshop Details: 

Duration: 1 Day each (60-90 mins)

Eligibility: Students/ Professionals (Any Field)

Fee:  worth INR 1999/-

INR 399/-  only

Mode:  Online/ Coach Led


  • Discussion & Activities
  • Focus on LSRW Skills
  • Open talk session (Speaking prac. & Doubt session)
  • One-on-one interaction
  • Scenario based Learning
  • Real life examples


  • Situation Handling Skills
  • Confident communication
  • Access to recorded session (For Post Workshop)
  • e-Certificate
  • Chance to Publish Paper
  • Chance to get enrolled in any Short course with Flat 15% Fee Concession

Important Dates:
Registration ends:
27th.Dec.2022 onwards at IST 10:00 AM 
Workshop Commencement:
 27th.Dec.2022 onwards - 05th.Jan.2023 

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