If you are a student who believes in research-oriented education, you must be aware of the Nanotechnology advancements in engineering. A summer internship is mandatory in B. Tech undergraduate programs. We have been working in the field of Nanotechnology for more than fifteen years and has developed summer internships for B. Tech students. We are the only integrated platform in India working in both training programs and research in Nanotechnology. Our summer internship for B. Tech students focuses on enhancing candidates’ knowledge about current trends and the future scope of Nanotechnology in engineering. Marking their presence in the field and standing out amongst the rest should be the goal of each B. Tech undergraduate student. If that is what you aspire to achieve, then go for our summer internship for B. Tech students for your summer internship 2022. No matter what sector you belong to, Nanotechnology is there. Be it Electronics engineering or Chemical engineering; nanotechnology has impacted all the fields. Nanotechnology promises a more productive future, and so does our summer internship for B. Tech students. Our online internship programs are thorough and enriched with quality knowledge and exposure. From beginner-level online training programs to advance ones, we provide all. Our summer internship for B. Tech students will provide you assessments that will test your knowledge at each step; practical projects will be assigned that are needed to get completed at the end of the internship, certification, and the final examination. Moreover, you will be awarded with a statement of marks. You can check all the online training programs through our website: https://nanoschool.in/

Explore all of our online training programs:

1. Nanotechnology for Civil and Construction industry

2. Nanotechnology for Chemicals and Paints

3. Future Electronics: An age of smart devices

4. Nanotechnology: Transforming the Automobile industry

Further, there are advance courses in Nanotechnology that you can pursue for your summer training courses:

The courses which are specifically about Nanotechnology in industry:

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So, short courses in Nanotechnology for them: