Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC) has exclusively designed a summer internship for Civil engineering students. The program's entire structure is focused on providing much-needed Nanotechnology exposure to Civil engineering students. Since Nanotechnology has an impact on every field, it is very beneficial to study and get familiar with it. Summer internship for Civil engineering students by NSTC will provide candidates with knowledge about a broad range of Nanotechnology uses in the Civil industry. We all have witnessed the advancements of Nanotechnology in the Civil industry. Nanotechnology can enhance the primary properties of construction materialsincrease the existing materials' functionalities and provide resolutions to existing issues. All the mentioned above is mandatory to study and understand by the student dreaming of marking their presence in the Civil industry. Latest innovations by Nanotechnology in the Civil industry like smart concretes, solar paints, antimicrobial surfaces, and sensors point to a future that is all about Nanotechnology. Fortunately, our summer internship for Civil engineering students covers all the advancements, research topics, and advantages of studying Nanotechnology. Further, through our summer internship, you can get equipped with the skills to start in various job opportunities such as Research Scientist, Metallurgist, Architectural Technologist, Civil Engineering Technologist, Structural engineer, Sustainability Consultant, etc. Summer internship for Civil engineering students will provide insights on the latest trends and introduce you to the research topics having the potential to solve the Civil industry's challengesA summer internship for Civil engineering students will benefit your career and help you achieve milestones beyond your expectations. Don't wait now. 

Check out :
1. Nanotechnology for Civil and Construction industry
2. Waste to Nanomaterials production and industrial certification
3. Nanosensitization program
4. Industry program in Nanotechnology
5. Introductory program in Nanotechnology

Further, there are advance courses in Nanotechnology that you can pursue for your summer training courses:

The courses which are specifically about Nanotechnology in industry:

Not everyone wants to devote long time in courses
So, short courses in Nanotechnology for them:


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