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Name Email Subject Course/Program Program ID
Amit Rai [email protected] IT
preeti [email protected] Certificate Course in Pharmacovigilance
Mustafa Kamal [email protected] Fundamentals of Nanotechnology
Unnati vora [email protected] Green Nanotechnology For Industrial Effluent Treatment
Zarin Taj [email protected] Advance Drug Designing: Traditional and In Silico
Thayna Sousa [email protected] Molecular Basis of Cancer: Therapeutics and Targets
sakshi [email protected] Summer/Winter Training & Project Work
shubham Test [email protected]
amit [email protected] Biotechnology Stem
amit [email protected] AI AI-Driven 197
amit [email protected] AI AI-Driven 197
Shubham [email protected] AI-Driven Cybersecurity
Shubham [email protected] AI AI-Driven 197
Brijesh upadhyay [email protected] CRISPR-Cas Defense Mechanism 36
Yuti Yogesh Vaghela [email protected] 81
Balakrishnan Solaimuthu [email protected] Biotechnology R Programming for Biologists: Beginners Level 155
amit [email protected] Biotechnology Green 267
amit [email protected] AI Reinforcement 263
Vibha Choudhary [email protected] Nanotechnology Bionanotechnology 192