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  • Protein Structure Prediction and Validation in Structural Biology

Protein Structure Prediction and Validation in Structural Biology

INR ₹1,999.00

Aim: To build three-dimensional protein structure models and validation from scratch. The workshop aims to equip participants with advanced skills in Protein Structure Prediction and Validation, fostering a deeper understanding of computational tools and methodologies in Structural Biology. This workshop intends to provide an arena for students, faculty and researchers in discussing the following topics as well as to provide hands on training in the following key areas in structural biology.

Proteins are an important class of biological macromolecules present in all biological organisms. All proteins are polymers of 20 different amino acids. Proteins fold into one, or more, specific spatial conformations to perform its biological function, driven by a number of noncovalent interactions. In order to understand the functions of proteins at a molecular level, it is necessary to determine its 3D structure. Thus, protein sequence (primary and secondary) and structure prediction is an important part of analysis in proteomics. This will lead to predict and analyze the 3D structure (Structure Prediction and validation) of a protein.


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