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  • Microarray Based Gene Expression Analysis using R Programming

Microarray Based Gene Expression Analysis using R Programming

INR ₹1,999.00

Aim: The aim of the “Microarray Data Analysis using R” workshop is to equip participants with the practical skills and knowledge required to proficiently analyze microarray data using the R programming language, enabling them to uncover meaningful insights, identify differentially expressed genes, and effectively contribute to genomics research and data-driven decision-making in both academic and professional settings.

The “Microarray Data Analysis using R” workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of microarray data analysis techniques within the context of genomics, with a strong focus on leveraging the R programming language. Participants will gain a deep understanding of fundamental concepts such as data preprocessing, differential expression analysis, clustering, pathway analysis, and machine learning. Through engaging presentations, real-world case studies, and expert insights, attendees will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to effectively analyze microarray data, making it a valuable learning opportunity for researchers, data analysts, and bioinformaticians in the genomics field.


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