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This unique membership provides an opportunity for an individual and organization and its professionals to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums and industry groups. Excelsior members address current challenges, build strategies for the future and share best practices, with the overall objective of building a growth-led competitive and sustainable advance technology Industry like Nanotechnology industry.

Major Benefits

Membership offers significant benefits to companies/individuals engaged in the business of nanotechnology or associated field in form of academics or manufacturing. Members have the opportunity to help shape the industry’s positions on issues related to nanotechnology and build relationships with other leaders in the field.

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NSTC platform gives their Excelsior Members an opportunity to join and create associations, making them tremendous networking opportunities for members who want to grow and ties with clients or colleagues in their industry, or make long-term beneficial connections.

Knowledge sharing

Become an Excelsior member of the NSTC, you are invited to get involved in various event like conferences, seminars and different workshop of cutting edge technology like nanotechnology to enhance your network and knowledge by meeting the expertise of their area and to share your idea with them. Your time and talents are needed for the service of the technology Community.

Learning & Professional Development

Offering direct support to experts and future nanotechnologists through training courses and in other materials. Supporting the educational environment that produces the required skills for nanotechnologists in future job market.

Technical support & guidelines

Technical consultancy services and guidelines on various cutting-edge technology like how nanotechnology valuable for your product, how to improve the quality of your product with nanotechnology. Access to the latest information including new initiatives, modern technology applications and a variety of technology reports.


Significant discounts on the registration fees for the International Conferences, online Industrial and Professional training program, various workshops and seminars, books, journals and publications published by the Association and our partners Nano materials & other raw materials for research and production.

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