Various Initiative taken by nstc

NSTC’s Nano School Initiative is compilation of educational products, simple experimental kit, Cartoon Books, Posters, Collage, educational games and puzzles and much more, designed to provide opportunities for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science to learn about how Nano science touches our lives and how cutting edge research could change our world in the future.

We intend to meet the emerging demands of nanotechnology professionals and prepare the participants for a successful career in Nanoscience and Technology, for various industries. One can apply for exposure in Nanotechnology and expand the application areas in their respective fields.

These Projects for Engineering & Science students aim to give participants a broad view of latest and most in-demand technologies and its prospects, so that they could know about the various applications and new achievements of nanotechnology in their respective field. The project contains the various topics related to every field of technology and sufficient material on that topic

Campaign Advance Nano Virtuosity helps to facilitate independent knowledge enhancement in nanotechnology domains & also enable to pursue careers employing Nanotechnology in a diverse range of academic disciplines. It emphasize strong technical, scientific writing skills to the trainees thus creating professionals, well grounded in the principles of scientific and technical documentation also

“NanoTrends” Journal is NSTC's subscription-based online bimonthly Journal. The Journal reports latest original research findings in the fast-growing area of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Those who wish subscription of “NanoTrends” for their Institutions can write to us for details.

NSTC have recently signed MoUs with TERI-Deakin Biotechnology Center and CMIT as Industrial collaboration to assist our clients in finding technology solutions to solve problems and to enhance product performance and applications. We perform an initial analysis of client requirements and use our networks and contacts to identify new technologies that meet these needs.

NSTC has started a new initiatives for all the academicians to become a virtual mentor. You can sign up for this premium platform if you have the necessary competence in any research or non-research area of study, the willingness to serve as a consultant to researchers and industries, and the time and energy to devote beyond your regular faculty obligations.

Simply having a patent does not ensure that a product or procedure will be successful commercially. The innovator must constantly make one push in order for the demand for the patented innovation to soar. For the innovator, every innovation is priceless and valuable. When an innovation begins to bring in money, one may fully benefit from it.