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Project Training and Internship

A project trainings to know about global development in Next-Gen. technologies and provide the knowledge enhancement along with skills to be implemented in the industrial field.

Project Overview

The project training is focused about explaining applications of nanotechnology and the resultant technological innovations due to the commercialization of resultant products in various fields. The students pursuing their bachelors or masters in the different fields of science and technology must know about the nanotechnology advancements in their fields which is usually not a part of their syllabus. This project enables them to enhance their knowledgebase, pertaining to the developments in their fields of study as a result of global developments in nano science & technology which has changed the landscape of new research and product developments at all the industries and domains.


All the students who wish to undergo summer/ winter projects/ trainings in any industry can choose these projects as their training projects.

Project Aim & Scope

These Projects for Engineering & Science students aim to give participants a broad view of latest and most in-demand technologies and its prospects, so that they could know about the various applications and new achievements of nanotechnology in their respective field. The project contains the various topics related to every field of technology and sufficient material on that topic.

Project Structure

These projects are of one/ three/ six month duration. The project includes online tutorials and assessments, and is assessed through project work and online assignments. All the participants have to submit a project report at the end of the project duration. After evaluation of this report, every student will get a certificate from Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC).

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The students who are pursuing B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech, M. Tech., B. Pharm., M. Pharm. , B.D.S. , M.D.S. and Ph. D in any field of Science and Technology can join this project.

Benefits to Participants

  • Participants will get to know that what is nano scale technology and how it is applicable in their fields.
  • After completion of this project, participants will be aware of role of nanotechnology in advancements of the present technology in their respective fields.
  • Participants will be aware of various revolutions in every field of technology such as in computer science, revolution could be continued in computer hardware right down to molecular gates and wires — something that today’s lithographic methods (used to make computer chips) could never hope to do. This could be possible only because of nanotechnology.
  • Apart from their current syllabus contents and project topics, they can get some additional information from this project.
  • This project will give them an additional certificate which could be beneficial in their career in the industry as well as from the research point of view.

Salient Features

Duration: 1/ 3/ 6 Months

Mode: Online/ Offline

Type: Self Paced / Mentor Based

Project Take Away: Certificate

Medium: English

Scholarship: 10%/ 15%/ 20%

Unique Writing Tips for More Engaged Learning.

Students will get another opportunity to publish their review paper written by them and evaluated by independent experts, after which it could be published in journals.

Online Tutorials

  • The project training imparts through new online tutorial applications by which participants are guided on their project work 24X7 times. 
  • Participants can work on their topic according to their ease at college, home or where internet connection is possible. 
  • User id and password are provided to access this system which is more secured. 
  • One can share their views about the project with other participants and can be self evaluated regularly. 
  • Additional activities perform by participants such as quiz participation, submissions of views about topic and online assignments.
  • Project work is completed through online system under the guidance of Project Coordinator/ Mentor.


The following are few branches of engineering which will be covered in this project training: (Students can also opt or choose their areas of projects too in consultation with coordinator).
Students from any other field of Engineering, or science can apply for the project and discuss the project with the Project coordinator.

Get your Nano project relevant to your own subject

Nanoschool project trainings ensures that you get the best of the project without leaving your discipline.

Popular Projects in Nano Science & Technology

Anti-microbial Coatings

Learn how nanotechnology is being used in the design and manufacture of antimicrobial coatings.

 Solar Paints

Learn about solar cell ink, which can be deposited in a single step, making it a high-volume commercial manufacturing.

Nanomaterials for Aerospace

Discover new material which can aid aerospace engineering, providing strength and endurance.

Bio Nano sensors

Know all about future of diagnosing disease. 

Smart concretes

Concrete with nanoparticles has proven to be quite successful in self-cleaning and converting some pollutants to harmless ones.

Smart coatings

Find out how Nanotechnology and smart-coatings have shown considerable promise in areas including corrosion resistance, durability, and conductivity, according to reports.

Smart Sensors for Buildings

Know all about latest sensor used in advance construction industries.


Discover the spin- dependent properties in the advanced solid-state devices 

Opto- Electronics

Know about the range of new age electronics working as a light sensitive and light generating devices.

Flexible- Electronics

Gain an insight into a class of electronic devices built on stretchable substrates such as plastic, metal foil, paper and flexible glass.

Nanomaterials for Battery

Know, how nanomaterials can increase the efficiency of batteries and can make them useful for longer period of time.

Nanomaterials for Automobile

Learn how nanotechnology is used in the automotive industry to produce paint coatings, lightweight parts, self-cleaning and scratch resistance surface.

Training completed

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Final Exam

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Favored Plans For Project

Get your project starting from INR 2499/- only and get unlimited benefits.

Self Paced Project (Includes Study Kit)

Learn Anytime !

  • Learn using high quality tutorials developed by experts.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere at your convenience.
  • Clear doubts 1-1 with experts on Zoom/ Google meet/ Mail.
  • Get chance to publish your paper in the scientific journals.
  • Earn yourself a mark-sheet.
  • Earn smart certificate & build your profile.
Instructor- Led Project (Includes Study Kit + Mentor)

Learn From Experts !

  • Join live online classes & learn directly from experts.
  • + Free Course on Technical Writing.
  • + 1 Industrial Project.
  • Classes scheduled in the evenings/ weekdays/ weekends.
  • Interact with experts & clarify doubts real-time.
  • Get chance to publish your paper in the scientific journals.
  • Award of Mark sheet from NSTC.
  • Earn smart certificate & build your profile.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. 1
    Click On The Below Mentioned Link "Enroll Here"
  2. 2
    Fill All Basic Details Of Yours (Name, Email Id, Contact Details, Image)
  3. 3
    Choose Your Program, Session And Duration Of Program.
  4. 4
    Fill Payment Details In The Form And Submit.
  5. 5
    Hurray! You Will Get Your Login Credential Within 48 Hrs.

Project Guidelines

Evaluation & Certification

Institute Information

Industrial Projects

Batch Schedule


Project Methodology


Top Projects 2021


What type of training/project is provided?

A training program according to your field of interest in nanotechnology domain is

What is the duration of the project?

Three different duration courses are provided-

  1. 3 months- Regular program (self-paced).
  2. 6 months- Advance program (self-paced + certification).
  3. 9 months- Premium program (advance program + Cambridge University certification).

Is it wet lab work or just research work?

The trainings we provide only require studying through e-LMS but if the candidate wants to do wet lab work, he/she can purchase the required equipment and chemicals from our organization and perform the experiments at the comfort of their homes.

What is the benefit of doing this training? How will it affect my career?

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing branch of Science and influencing every field
surrounding it so it will give a great boost to your career.

Can I undergo more than one projects at a time?

Yes, its only matter of time you have.

What will you provide me for the training?

e-LMS, books and mentor is provided for the training.

Do I have to visit the organization for the training?

No, the training will be provided at the comfort of your home whenever internet is

How much time do I have to give per day for the training?

It is a self paced program, it totally depends on your schedule, you can take it
anywhere anytime.

Will there be any entrance exam for this training?

No, there will be no entrance examination only a registration fee.

How will you evaluate the results at the end of the training?

Candidates have to submit a project report or a review paper along with a final online