Evaluation and Certification

Examination/Evaluation for program shall be conducted periodically both online as well as through written assignment. The time duration required to complete the program is nine months. Students are instructed to complete and ensure submission of the said assignment to NSTC within a stipulated time period of 9 months. Failing to meet this time-line requires a re-registration in the same program, by remitting a re- registration fee of 2000=00 INR/ US$75=00. This facilitates an extension of three months (maximum) period for the submission of final assignment/ paper.

  • Mentors from NSTC and NSTC nominated outside experts assess the progress of the candidate's performance, by reviewing/ evaluating the assignments, submitted online/ offline by the candidates.
  • The assignment papers will be prepared covering the various facets of the Syllabus.
  • The assignments may be short objective and detailed essay types as well. These are of compulsory and optional types.
  • Candidates are required to complete at least two compulsory detailed assignments that attempt to take care of all important facets of the program. One of them is of course meant for the self-assessment of the candidates. The candidates are empowered to assess themselves. They need to observe the stipulated time lines in the submission of these assignments.
  • This being a distance participation program, candidates will be required to submit their assignments online/through email at the marked loci using the 'Candidates Corner'. The mentors will provide their assessment and comments for corrections, revision.
  • Candidates may take a note that, plagiarism is taken seriously. It can result in withdrawal from the program.
  • Evaluation of every participant will be done on the basis of various assignments, final online examination and the project report submitted to NSTC. Every deserving candidate passing the course shall be provided the coveted certificate and statement of marks by Nano Science and Technology Consortium in hard copies by registered post.

    Assignment Calendar:

    S. No


    Syllabus Facet No/ Topic

    Due Date


    Detailed Compulsory Assignment

    Self Assessment

    Announced Online


    Announced Online



    Detailed Assignment

    Institution's Assessment


    Other Optional


    Grading Criteria for the Assignments:


    Criteria Evaluation Yard sticks



    • fully understood the work and showed an outstanding competence
    • very high degree of individual style and insight


    Very Good

    • fully understood the work and showed an outstanding competence
    • Contributed well above the requisite yardsticks.



    • Good understanding of assigned work.
    • Hard work to fulfill the assignment is reflected.



    • No understanding of the assignments.
    • no sincere efforts seen in understanding and execution of the assignments.


    No Scores/ Absent

    • No submission of assignments.
    • Assignment is irrelevant.
    • Assignments has to be re-written.
    • Evaluation of re-written assignments

    Dispatch of Study Material and Certificates

    The program fee is inclusive of the charges towards the dispatch of kit (study material) and the certificate. However, in case of return of these documents owing to incorrectness/ insufficiency in the address or change of postal address, provided by the participant, the second time dispatch of the aforesaid material is charged as per the following norms:

    Re-dispatch and Administration Charges:

    Indian Students

    Overseas Students

    INR 799=00

    US$ 59=00

    Note: The participant is awarded the certificate after the completion of the program. All the participants are instructed to complete the program in the specified time of 6 months. Failing to meet this timeline requires a re-registration as per the norms specified on NSTC website, in order to get Certification