Short Courses

Nano Sensitization Program

Nanotechnology, Sensitization, Applications, Materials, Structures, Carbon Nanotubes, Synthesis, Fabrication, Characterization, Manipulation.

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Virtual (Google Meet)
Self Paced
3 months


  • Introduction to Nanotechnology: Principles, applications, and significance.
  • Fundamentals of Nanomaterials: Properties, synthesis, and characterization techniques.
  • Nanoscale Engineering: Design, fabrication, and manipulation of structures.
  • Nanobiotechnology: Applications in drug delivery, diagnostics, and tissue engineering.
  • Environmental Nanotechnology: Addressing pollution and water purification.
  • Nanoelectronics and Photonics: Electronic and optical nanodevices exploration.
  • Nanomedicine: Disease diagnosis, imaging, and personalized therapy.
  • Nanotoxicology and Safety: Risks and safety considerations of nanomaterials.
  • Nanoethics and Societal Implications: Ethical, legal, and societal issues.
  • Hands-on Lab Experience: Practical sessions in synthesis and characterization.


The program aims to provide good academic foundation in the areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. It intends to meet the emerging demands of nanotechnology professionals and will prepare the participants for a successful career in Nanoscience and Technology, for career advancement of existing professionals in various industries.

Short Courses Objectives

  • Understand nanotechnology principles and concepts.
  • Gain knowledge of nanomaterial properties, synthesis, and characterization techniques.
  • Explore nanoscale structure design, fabrication, and manipulation.
  • Examine nanotechnology applications in drug delivery, diagnostics, and tissue engineering.
  • Investigate nanotechnology’s role in environmental pollution remediation and water purification.
  • Delve into nanoscale electronic and optical devices, including sensors and quantum dots.
  • Explore nanotechnology for disease diagnosis, imaging, and personalized therapy.
  • Understand safety considerations of nanomaterials and applications.
  • Examine ethical, legal, and societal issues in nanotechnology.
  • Acquire practical skills in nanomaterial synthesis, characterization, and application development through lab sessions.

Short Courses Structure

Unit 1. About Nanotechnology

  • Chapter 1. Introduction and Definition of Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 2. History of Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 3. Future of Nanotechnology

Unit 2. Potential of Nanotechnology

  • Chapter 1. Latest Development in Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 2. Research & Development in Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 3. Nanotechnology in India
  • Chapter 4. Nanotechnology Globally

Unit 3. Opportunities in Nanotechnology

  • Chapter 1. Career & Job Opportunities in Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 2. Global Institutes providing education

Unit 4. Nanotechnology Spectrum

  • Chapter 1. Applications of Nanotechnology
  • Chapter 2. Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology-Nanochemistry, Nanophysics, Nanobiology

Unit 1: Nanochemistry

  • Chapter 1: Basics of Nano Chemistry
  • Chapter 2: Nano Particles
  • Chapter 3: Carbon Nanotubes
  • Chapter 4: Nano Composites

Unit 2: Nanophysics

  • Chapter 1: Basics of Nano Physics
  • Chapter 2: Nano Electronics
  • Chapter 3: Nano Robotics
  • Chapter 4: Nano Magnetism

Unit 3: Nanobiology

  • Chapter 1: Basics of Nanobiology
  • Chapter 2: Nanobiology Today
  • Chapter 3: Nanomedicine
  • Chapter 4: Biomedical Applications of Nanobiology

Participant’s Eligibility

Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Academicians, Industry Professionals of nanotechnology in drug delivery, diagnostics, imaging, and regenerative medicine.

Short Courses Outcomes

  • Present a broad view of Nanotechnology & Nanoworld.
  • Aware with the historical, modern and future aspects of this unique field.
  • Aware with the major researches and developments of products have been introduced in market using Nanotechnology.
  • Aware with the applications of this field in various sectors.
  • Aware with the work going in this field in India and Globally.
  • Aware with the career development and academic activities in this field.

Fee Structure




INR. 8300
USD. 650





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