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Skills and Experties
Subject: Nanoscale Biophysics
Keywords: nanobiotechnology
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Keywords: Perovskite, XRD, SEM, Dielectrics, Magnetism, Solid State Welding
Skill: Structural and Physical characterizations, Reitveld refinement
Area Of Interest:Manufacturing and Material Science
Subject: WebDevelopment
Keywords: HTML, JS, CSS
Skill: Wordpress
Area Of Interest:HTML, CSS
Subject: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Virology
Keywords: Bio, Writing, Communication, Research
Skill: Communication, Content development, Word press, ed tech
Area Of Interest:Research, Teaching
Subject: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Virology
Keywords: Bio, Writing, Communication, Research
Skill: Communication, Content development, Word press, ed tech
Area Of Interest:Research, Teaching
Subject: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Skill: Drug Discovery, Synthetic Chemistry, Nanoparticles, Pharmacology, Drug Screening
Area Of Interest:Pharmacology, Cancer, Diabetes, Neurology, Nanomedicine
Subject: Computer
Keywords: Networking, Development, Design, Program
Skill: Wordpress, HTML CSS, JS, MS-Office, Team Management
Area Of Interest:Web Development, Networking
Subject: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Keywords: RNA structure prediction, hidden markov models, protein:RNA interactions, RNA diversity, gene-regulatory mechanisms, sequence and structure analysis
Skill: PERL, SHELL scripting, statistical scripting using R, RNA-seq analysis, Data visualization, genome, transcriptome data analysis,
Area Of Interest:RNA bioinformatics, RNA therapeutics, Machine learning
Subject: Biosensors, Aptamers, SELEX, Microfluidics, Microfabrication techniques, Doxking, NAMD
Keywords: Biosensors, Aptamers, SELEX, Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Electronics, Instrumentation
Skill: Biosensors, Aptamers, SELEX, Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Docking, Electronics, Instrumentation, NAMD, Labview, Diagnostics
Area Of Interest:Biosensors, Aptamers, SELEX, Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Electronics, Instrumentation, Diagnostics
Subject: Bioinformatics
Keywords: Docking, Statistical analysis, Coding
Skill: Molecular Docking, Statistical Analysis, programming
Area Of Interest:Bioinformatics
Subject: Zoology
Keywords: Bioinformatics
Skill: Bioinformatics, Cell Culture, Tissue culture etc
Area Of Interest:Biotechnology , food technology, Brain research
Subject: Microbial Biotechnology
Keywords: Probiotics, Lens crystallin protein protein interaction, Antimicrobial peptides, Biosynthesis of nanoparticles
Skill: Electrophoresis techniques, Western blotting, Microbiology characterization, cloning, site directed mutagenesis, Animal cell culture techniques, Microscopy
Area Of Interest:Microscopy, cloning, protein over expression and purification
Subject: Medicine, Life sciences
Keywords: simulation; animal experiments;stem cells
Skill: pediatric surgery; rodent surgery; simulation
Area Of Interest:tissue engineering; nanotechnology; curcumin ;stem cells
Subject: Biotechnology
Skill: Nano Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Bioremediation
Area Of Interest:Nano Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Bioremediation
Subject: computer Science
Keywords: abcd
Skill: html,css,js
Area Of Interest:javascript
Subject: Biology
Keywords: Cells, dieseases, genetics
Skill: Cells, dieseases, genetics
Area Of Interest:Cells, dieseases, genetics
Subject: ICAR
Keywords: Crops
Skill: Crop protection, crop production
Area Of Interest:Cereals, pulses, oliseeds, millets
Subject: Energy
Keywords: Energy, Management
Area Of Interest:Energy Management, Sustainability and School Education
Subject: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords: Naomaterials, Shape Memory alloys, Thin films, Alloys
Skill: Vacuum Technology, DC magnetron sputtering technique, thin film preparation, alloy preparation, nanomaterials fabrication, Characterization
Area Of Interest:Shape memory alloy thin films, Bio materials, MEMS related devices, Energy materials, Sensors
Subject: Finance, Investment Banking, ESG
Skill: Trainer, Content Development
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Nano Technology
Keywords: Nano, Cilicon, Carbon, NanoMaterials, Nano Carbons
Skill: Coaating, Management, Mantorship, Program Management
Area Of Interest:management, Research, Monitoring, Plaining
Subject: Renewable Energy Professional Since 2001
Keywords: I am a Passionate Professional in Management of Renewable Energy Sector & known as the Energetic Leader in successful implementation of various Wind & Solar PV Projects in India. He has managed a wide spectrum of Business Development, Project Engineering and Implementation functions from conceptualization to commissioning of 1000+ MWs of Wind & Solar PV Projects across various States in India. He has demonstrated abilities in understanding the need of Renewable Energy Projects in India, and is pro-actively instrumental in spreading awareness on Renewable Energy towards Net Zero Emission.
Skill: Leadership, Visionary, Mentor, Constant Learner, Trainer & Speaker
Area Of Interest:Mentorship in Renewable Energy especially Wind, Solar, Hybrid, Energy Storage, Green Hydrogen & ESG
Subject: Materials, Nanotechnology, 2D Materials, Carbon Materials
Keywords: Materials, Nanotechnology, Electrochemistry, Spectroscopy, Sensing, Air Purification, Catalysis
Skill: Materials Synthesis and Applications, Scientfific Writing, Science Communication, Content Creation
Area Of Interest:Materials for Energy and Environmental Application
Subject: Electrical Engg , Nanotechnology
Keywords: Nanotechnology , Nanomaterials, Nano characterization, Lithium ion Battery materials, Supercapcitors , Reserach and developmet, Graphene , 2D materials, Nano carbon , Nano silicon
Skill: Research and Development ,Project management , Product commercialization ,POC , Compliance testing , Project documentation , Project Proposals , Presentations ,Applied research , Market research , Feasibility Analysis
Area Of Interest:Applications of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
Subject: Physics
Keywords: Nano materials, Synthesis, Crystal structure, Hydrogen evolution, Super capacitors
Skill: Synthesis methods, Characterization techniques, Analysis tools
Area Of Interest:Nanomaterials for hydrogen evolution and super capacitor applications, Memristor/Resistive switching studies of oxides and 2D materials, Multiferroics and Magneto resistance studies of oxide thin films and multilayers, 2D materials and Topological insulators for spintronics and flexible electrics applications
Subject: Renewable Energy Technology
Keywords: Solar photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, PVSyst, Helioscope, EWaste
Skill: Solar Energy Technology, PVSyst, Helioscope, EWaste
Area Of Interest:Solar Energy Technology, EWaste, Solar software
Subject: computer Science
Keywords: html,css,javascript,horticulture
Skill: html,css,javascript , ijsmfe
Area Of Interest:frontend developer
Subject: Nanoparticles and Liquid Crystals
Keywords: I have experience of liquid crystal and nanoparticles Characterisation.
Skill: Good communication and hard working.
Area Of Interest:I want to pursue my higher studies in liquid crystal and nano science field.
Subject: Nanobiotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology
Keywords: Green synthesis, Curcumin, Sericin, Nanoflowers, Fumaric acid
Skill: SYnthesis and physichochemical characterization of nanoparticles (metallic and polymeric), Synthesis of fumaric acid, Drug delivery , Nano-policy making
Area Of Interest:Nanobiotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Nano-Policy making
Subject: Biotechnology
Keywords: Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Pharmacology, Tissue Engineering
Area Of Interest:Drug Delivery Systems, Tissue Engineering, Diabetes
Subject: Recent Trends in Sports
Keywords: Sports
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Nanobiotechnologist
Keywords: Bioprocess Engineering, Nanobiotechnology, Biomaterials, Bioimaging, Enzymology
Skill: Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Metallic Nanoparticles
Area Of Interest:Nanobiotechnology
Subject: Biochemistry, Immunology, Bioinformatics
Keywords: Phytochemistry, Computational Studies, Immunoinformatic
Skill: CADD, Molecular Docking & Simulation
Area Of Interest:
Subject: It
Keywords: HTML
Skill: HTML
Area Of Interest:HTML
Subject: Computational Biology and Chemistry
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Research & Reviews: A Journal of Embedded System & Applications
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Bioengineering
Keywords: Bioinformatics
Skill: Computer Aided Drug Design
Area Of Interest:AI based NGS Pipeline Development
Subject: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Keywords: Nanomaterials, Drug Delivery, Cancer, Arthritis, Diagnostic, Nanotheranostics
Area Of Interest:
Subject: Physics
Keywords: Glass and Glass Ceramics, Luminescent Glasses, Bioactive Glasses, Hydroelectric-cell, WLED
Skill: Academics and Research Supervision in are of nanotechnology
Area Of Interest:Research interests include Synthesis, Characterization and properties of oxide glasses, glass ceramics, hydroelectric cells and WLED materials at bulk and nano scale

Designation: devloper, professor

Organisation: stm, celnet
Industry: cred, stm
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