Nanotechnology in Renewable energy and it's industrial application

An advanced training program meant to provide the latest knowledge base of renewable energy with a twist of Nanoscience.


2 Month


under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate, doctorate degree holder having basic understanding of physics and chemistry.


4 Modules


INR  12,499/-

USD $ 400

Program Aim

This program aims to shine light on the third generation solar cells, as it is the only renewable form of energy which encompasses the use of nanotechnology. Here we shall discuss in detail how nanotechnology is used in third generation solar cells, their individual components, fabrication strategies, and their future.

What all you will learn!

  • How is nanotechnology used in renewable energy?
  • What are third generation solar cells?
  • Fabrication techniques of third generation solar cells.
  • Future and Industrial applications.

Program Structure

  1. 1
    Module 1: Nanotechnology in energy
  2. 2
    Module 2: Advance generations of solar cells
  3. 3
    Module 3: Innovative materials used for fabrication of solar cells  
  4. 4
    Module 4: Fabrication techniques used to make a solar cell and its future potentials 

Key Points of Learning

Quantum Dot Solar cells

Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Perovskite Sensitized Solar Cells

Why Choose Us

Program work is completed through online system under the guidance of program coordinator.

e-LMS for smarter Learning
24 x 7 open chat box
Excellent option for summer project
Online live lectures from the experts
Prepare real time projects
Certificate on project completion

Steps For Enrollment

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Basic course

Self Paced

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules.
  • Award of certification from NSTC
  • Award of Mark sheet from NSTC
Advanced course

Self Paced + Project Assistance

  • Complete Basic Course
  • + Free Course on Technical Writing
  • + 1 Project
  • Award of certification from NSTC
  • Award of Mark sheet from NSTC
  • Printed Study Material at Doorstep
Premium course

Mentorship + Certification + Project

  • Complete Advance Course
  •  + Free Course on Scientific and Technical Writing by NSTC *
  •  + Free Course on Scientific Proficiency by Cambridge University Press *
  •  + 1 Project *
  • Specific Industry Program (as per student background)  *
  • Live Mentor Guidance *
  • Award of certification from Cambridge University Press & NSTC 
  • Assessment Report from Cambridge University Press & NSTC 
  •  Printed Study Material at Doorstep

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