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About NSTC

Welcome to NSTC, a pioneering ed tech firm that has been at the forefront of promoting the power and potential of nanoscience since 2006. We offer a range of cutting-edge virtual resources, training programs, workshops, and conferences designed to inspire and equip academicians, researchers, and industry professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact in their field. 
With collaborative and networking opportunities, funding, and career advancement prospects, NSTC is the perfect partner for those looking to push the boundaries of science and achieve great things. Join us today and unleash your full potential!

The aim of (NSTC) is to promote the development and advancement of nanotechnology and its applications in various fields such as medicine, energy, electronics, and materials science. Through training programs, conferences, workshops, and publications, NSTC strives to generate awareness among academicians, students, researchers, and industries about the power and potential of nanoscience.


Our vision at NSTC is to be a leading platform that drives innovation and fosters collaboration in the field of nanotechnology. We aim to create a community of researchers, scientists, engineers, and industry leaders who work together to advance the understanding and application of nanoscience to benefit society.


The objective of NSTC is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, students, and industries to come together and share their knowledge, research, and expertise in the field of nanotechnology. By fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas, NSTC aims to accelerate the development and commercialization of nanotechnology-based products and solutions.

NSTC offer services for everyone.


Researchers can be offered access to online libraries and databases, training and education, collaborative tools and platforms, and funding opportunities for research projects. These resources help researchers enhance their skills and knowledge, connect with other experts, and receive funding for their research.


Academicians can have collaboration opportunities with other experts in their field, providing mentorship opportunities and potential for professional growth. These collaborations can lead to new research partnerships, enhanced knowledge and skills, and networking opportunities that can support their career development.


industry professionals  can have product development consultancy, mentorship, and corporate training opportunities.

These resources can help professionals enhance their skills and knowledge, connect with other experts, and receive guidance on product development & innovation. 

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How the courses are structured

An ideal solution and a hybrid training methodology, consisting of short duration events, live mentoring, one -on-one query handle session and LMS to access the recordings.  facilitating an effective delivery of the program material without compromising on the working hours.


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State of the art courses which have successfully helped thousands of Industry professionals and also participants from almost all domains and engineering disciplines. Courses which are Skill oriented and boon for your next Industry move, by giving you real time knowledge and access to best of knowhow.