Program Title Program Start Date Program End Date
Metagenomics Using Galaxy Platform

15-Jun-24 – 17-Jun-24

Carbon Nanotubes 2023-2032: From Laboratory to Industry Leaders

26-Jun-24 – 28-Jun-24

Prediction of Protein Structure Using AlphaFold: An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program

27-Jun-24 – 29-Jun-24

Medical Applications of Graphene

03-Jul-24 – 06-Jul-24

Analysis of Drug like Small Molecule using ChemmineR: A Cheminformatics Toolkit for R

11-Jul-24 – 13-Jul-24

Web Wizardry Unleashed: Advanced CSS & JavaScript Techniques

16-Jul-24 – 18-Jul-24


23-Jul-24 – 25-Jul-24

Web Development Essentials with AI Integration

23-Jul-24 – 25-Jul-24

Green Catalysts 2024: Innovating Sustainable Solutions from Biomass to Biofuels

24-Jul-24 – 26-Jul-24

Prediction of Immunogenic Response using Orange: A Machine Learning Tool

25-Jul-24 – 27-Jul-24

The Green NanoSynth Workshop: Sustainable Synthesis of NiO Nanoparticles and Renewable Hydrogen Production from Bioethanol

29-Jul-24 – 31-Jul-24

Prediction of Peptide’s Secondary, Tertiary Structure and Their Properties Using Online Tools

08-Aug-24 – 10-Aug-24

AI for Cybersecurity: Threat Detection and Prevention

10-Aug-24 – 12-Aug-24

AI and Ethics: Governance and Regulation

19-Aug-24 – 21-Aug-24