Program Title Program Start Date Program End Date
Refine Your Research – Mastering Manuscript Writing and Referencing Tools

30-Sep-23 – 30-Sep-23

Synthesis of Inorganic Encapsulation Containers for Various Industrial Applications

03-Oct-23 – 05-Oct-23

Open AI GPT Models

04-Oct-23 – 05-Oct-23

Microarray Based Gene Expression Analysis using R Programming

06-Oct-23 – 08-Oct-23

Ecotect Workshop: Hands-On Training for Building Energy Modeling with Ecotect Software

12-Oct-23 – 14-Oct-23

Mastering SQL: From Data Retrieval to Database Mastery

25-Oct-23 – 27-Oct-23

NANOmedX: Future of Drug Delivery with Nanotechnology

30-Oct-23 – 01-Nov-23

Nanoantibiotics: Applications and Future Trends

02-Nov-23 – 04-Nov-23

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Drug Development Workshop

08-Nov-23 – 10-Nov-23

Data Visualization using Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn

15-Nov-23 – 17-Nov-23

Farm to Market Mastery: From Data Analysis to Product Selection

06-Dec-23 – 08-Dec-23