Program Title Program Start Date Program End Date
Web Development Essentials with AI Integration

19-Mar-24 – 21-Mar-24

Cybersecurity Workshop

20-Mar-24 – 22-Mar-24

Bacterial Comparative Genomics

29-Mar-24 – 31-Mar-24

Workshop on Bioprocess Technology From Concept to Commercialization

03-Apr-24 – 05-Apr-24

Improving Implants: The Nano Effect

08-Apr-24 – 11-Apr-24

Diabetes Drug Delivery: Creating Therapy for Diabetes

23-Apr-24 – 25-Apr-24

CRISPR based Gene Therapy Workshop

27-Apr-24 – 29-Apr-24

The Rapid Expansion of the Carbon Nanotubes Market: 2023-2032 Forecast

07-May-24 – 09-May-24