Facilitation of technology resource identification and collaboration

You’ve come up with a fantastic new idea that requires research work to be done on a particular aspect of Nano-based technology.  Chances are that somewhere, in some corner room of an obscure university, a scientist has already carried out the research work, and needs an entrepreneur to commercialize the concept to the production stage.  Both the parties need each other, but how do the two meet?

Enter NSTC!!

NSTC has a global network of goodwill, carefully constructed over the years, that gives information on research work being carried out in various parts of the globe.  Come to us with your idea, and we will help you to identify the technology resource who has the necessary knowledge base to help you move on to a product implementation stage.

NSTC will also help you to collaborate, fix pricing, and negotiate through the sea of legal clauses you need to cross, in order to sign a formal contract.  NSTC’s legal battery is well versed with the nuances of international trade, and can make things really smooth for you.

Patent identification and technology import procedures

Nanotechnology research has come up with a host of amazing products.  A lot of these products have been patented, and are waiting for the right funding before they explode onto the commercial scene.

On the other side of the fence, you, as an entrepreneur, are looking for that classic idea that can propel your business into the Fortune 500 bracket. How are dynamic synergies to be forged?

IPR transfer is a tricky issue, requiring a lot of legal expertise and business acumen. NSTC can help you identify the right concept, and procure the necessary permissions to buy out the patent, or strike a profitable deal with the scientist/organization who has filed the patent, such that both the parties derive maximum benefit out of the deal. 

The NSTC team is already working intensively in the area of technology transfer on a number of fronts, and is extremely well-equipped to fulfill your business needs.

Creation of techno-commercial proposals, grant proposals

Dealing with Corporate big-wigs and Government decision makers requires a lot of skill.  Your million dollar technological breakthrough is going to need funding before it can be implemented.  No money, no progress. 

You need to be able to convince key management people regarding the feasibility, workability and economic soundness of your project before they feel motivated enough to grant you the necessary resources.  Most importantly, they need to be convinced that you have the necessary clarity and competence to see the project through.  NSTC can help.

NSTC’s team of experts analyze the technology, current processes, potential outcome, client base, economic commitment and timeframes involved, before creating a comprehensive project plan and then a proposal.  This proposal could be a multi-stage presentation in the form of an educative slide presentation, multimedia presentation, technical report, business report, and finally, an implementation model, complete with workflow diagrams and timing charts.

NSTC’s unique methodology enables decision-makers to clearly recognize the technological aspects as well as the commercial potential of the project, so that they feel inclined to give you the funding you need.

Government liaising services

The Government machinery is an extremely efficient, yet extremely difficult barrier to cross.  The reason is simple – Government is extremely thorough in its investigations.  This also means that projects can take years to get through.

NSTC can help you speed up your clearance time through its Government Liaising services.  With thorough knowledge of Government procedures and policies, NSTC’s resource people can help you to get the necessary clearances, follow the correct procedures and contact the right officials, who are actually competent enough to assess your proposal.  NSTC does not employ unethical means to get work done.  Our theory is simple: follow the procedure and the work sails through.  Be over-smart and you’re asking for trouble.  Try NSTC, and watch how smooth the sailing becomes.

Corporate liaising services

Corporate organizations are more bothered about the feasibility of your proposal, and the immediate and long-term revenue that could accrue out of the execution.  The equation is simple.  Net revenue = 50 x (Input resources)!  Satisfy the equation, clear the normal verification of your credentials, and you’re through.

Corporate concept selling is a slightly different ball-game than Government liaising, because Corporate Houses are normally under far greater pressure to match revenue and expenditures.  That is why your liaising skills must be highly efficient, result oriented and clearly ethical.

NSTC has earned the reputation of being an honest and dedicated body, with the highest standards of technical excellence associated with it.  Any proposal that has the NSTC name attached to it gains automatic credibility in the Corporate market. 

NSTC cashes in on this goodwill to your advantage.  Our team of subject matter experts include who’s-who of the nanotechnology world.  This team will back up your proposal and argue your case, thus ensuring that your proposal receives the strongest backing possible.  Additionally, NSTC’s team of project managers ensures that the logistics and costing of your project are just right, so that they appeal to Corporate business sense.  In short, a winning combination!