If you seek a summer internship for Pharmacy students and google brought you here, then congratulations. You are getting enrolled in a program worthy of your time and money. Welcome to our website! This is the time for summer internship 2022 already, and we are providing the best summer internship for Pharmacy students. Nanotechnology has already set its foot and resolved many existed issues in the Medical industry. Nanotechnology has its potential applications in Clinical Therapeutics such as Gene therapy, Stem cell therapy, Molecular diagnostics, bone repair, etc. The latest innovations in the pharmaceutical sector are pointing to a more promising future in the field. Hence, we have developed a summer internship for Pharmacy students to give them the needed insights and knowledge of Nanotechnology in Pharmaceuticals. With our summer internship for pharmacy students, you will be able to upgrade your knowledge with featured projects such as Synthesis of different kinds of Ferrofluids (magnetic nanoparticles), Synthesis of Antimicrobial coatingsFormulation of resin-based Graphene coatings for anti-corrosion applicationsCharacteristic study of TiO2 based thin films and nanodispersions for photocatalytic applicationsSynthesis of polymer-coated Nanomaterials for specific applications, and Studying Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles. The summer internship for Pharmacy students will let candidates gain independent knowledge, do live projects, and get guidance from the experts. There are many more features of the summer internship for Pharmacy students offered by us. 

1. Nanotechnology: A real therapeutic revolution
Nano-pharmaceuticals and its efficacy in drug delivery
Nano-pharmaceuticals and its industry applications
Integrated program in Nanotechnology

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