Scientists and researchers have acknowledged the fact that an entirely different world could be built with Nanotechnology in the Electronics field. That is why we have developed a summer internship for ECE students. The internship program is focused on introducing and educating candidates about all that is about the utilization of Nanotechnology in the Electronics field. There is no argument about not studying Nanotechnology if you belong to the Electronics industry, as Nanotechnology has developed many innovations in the field. Nanotechnology has successfully developed fastersmaller, and more portable systems. Nano-electronics have succeeded in eliminating the disadvantages of microelectronics, which are the small size and high cost needed to fabricate Integrated Circuits (ICs). The entire course structure is well researched and structured for ECE students. The summer internship lets candidates explore the current trends in the Electronics industry. Nanotechnology can develop cheaper and more efficient devices with low energy consumption. Our summer internship for ECE students will help students build a strong profile for jobs and research ahead. We are providing summer internships for all years of ECE undergraduates and professionals seeking up-gradation in their profiles our welcome to our summer internship program. Getting the correct exposure to Nanotechnology can create wonders for your career in the Electronics industry. With our summer internship for ECE students, students will get familiar with the commercial use of Nanotechnology in the Electronics industry. Innovations in the Electronics industry at the nanoscale are fruitful and promising. You will complete your summer internship and not have to take a step away from your home.

Yes! You read that right. We has brought summer internship for ECE students online. All will be done entirely online, from knowledge enhancement to assessments and final project submission. Get enrolled for summer internship 2022.

Check :
1. Future Electronics – An age of smart devices
Silicon Nanostructures and Carbon Nanotubes based Nanoelectronics
Industry program in Nanotechnology
Nanoelectronics and its Industrial application program

Moreover, there are more courses that you can explore from-

Advance courses in Nanotechnology:

Industry courses in Nanotechnology:

Short courses in Nanotechnology:


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