To give an idea about what the NSTC Alumni and others opine on this organization in general and NSTC Programs in particular. Lets browse through a few communications:

" I am very much impressed by the 'Nanosensitization program kit', the way you have designed it. Frankly speaking, it has lucidly familiarized me with the fascinating world of nanotechnology and has enabled to develop my strong interest in nanotechnology. I therefore heartily appreciate the sincere and more appropriately 'Herculean' efforts of the whole team of NSTC. Excellent work!"

Sachin S. Sawant, 

Enrollment No.0607NS885

"Thank u very much for conducting such useful course. I have submitted my two assignments and the
project report as per the requirement of the course.I will be appearing for the on line exam before 31st
of this month."

Jayakumar Jayaraman, Assistant Professor, Maharashtra

Enrollment No. NTP1001108

" I am Vignesh. S Enrollment No. : INT1003115. I have completed the ' Introductory Program in
Nanotechnology' and I found the program was thought provoking and gave me a strong base over

Vignesh. S , +2 Standard Student, Chennai

Enrollment No. : INT1003115

"Thank you for your mail. I have submitted the assignment I and II of the first batch. My project on Ocular drug delivery is almost complete. Some modification and finishing touches are needed and will be able to submit in a few days. But this course of yours, which now seems to be very exhaustive and well structured, has opened my eyes to the world of nano and I have begun to see the eye and the human body as though they are placed under an atomic microscope. After 25 years of practicing ophthalmology, I am sure the physiology and pathology of the eye, or even the human body as a whole, will be re-written. What Quantum mechanics did to classical macro-physics, nanotechnology will do to medicine. I am enjoying the course but feel I need some more time especially to understand the basic science part of nanotechnology which is very new to me."

-Dr. Ashok Puri, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Head, Jaipur, Enrollment No. BNT1001127

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The National Conference on Trends in Nanobiotechnology, BIOTIKOS 2017

Bangalore Nano event