Advisory Board Information

Welcome to the NSTC Healthcare Training Initiative Advisory Board

At the Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC), we are on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare sector through the power of advanced AI and digital health training.Our aim is to empower healthcare professionals to lead the next wave of innovation, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency with cutting-edge technology. As we extend invitations to join our esteemed Advisory Board, we recognize the importance of clarity and transparency regarding our expectations and your potential involvement. Below, we address key queries and outline what being an Advisory Board member entails.

Expectations And Commitments

Your Role and Contribution:

As an Advisory Board member, your insights, expertise, and guidance will be invaluable to steering our training programs towards excellence. Specifically, we anticipate your contributions in the following areas: 

  • Providing strategic direction and feedback on our curriculum to ensure it meets the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. 
  • Offering insights into industry trends and advancements in AI and digital health that can benefit our training programs. 
  • Participating in periodic discussions to evaluate and refine our training initiatives.
  • Time Commitment:

    We understand the demands of your professional commitments. As such, we estimate your contribution to require no more than 2 hours per month. This may include brief meetings, email consultations, or feedback sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

    Our Promises To You

    1. Respect for Your Identity:

    • Your name and professional standing are respected assets. 
    • We commit to: Not using your name or affiliation for marketing purposes or to promote any products without your explicit consent. 
    • Ensuring your advisory role is represented accurately and respectfully in all our communications.

    2. Minimal Time, Maximum Impact:

    Your time is valuable, and we aim to make your involvement as impactful as possible with minimal time commitment. The estimated 2 hours per month will be directed towards activities where your expertise can have the greatest effect.

    3. Integrity and Respect:
    Your trust is paramount. We assure you that:

    • Your name and contributions will be handled with the utmost integrity.
    • We will not misuse your association with NSTC or represent your advisory role in a manner that conflicts with your professional standards and ethics.

    Joining Our Journey

    Becoming a part of the NSTC Advisory Board is an opportunity to influence the future of healthcare education and innovation. Your expertise could help shape a generation of healthcare professionals adept in AI and digital health, ready to tackle the challenges of modern medicine.
    If you have further questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited about the possibility of having you on board and look forward to potentially embarking on this transformative journey together.

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