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How Nano school club will enhance your skill

Science learning doesn't only happen in a lab or classroom. Science is an ongoing process of observing and questioning these observations. Nano School Initiative is a first of its kind endeavor of NSTC to promote the awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology among young kids, teachers and school.

Nano Educational Kit

This educational kit comprises of a colorful and interactive printed books on Nanotechnology and its various applications around us Nano Puzzles, Educational Games, simple Do It Yourself (DIY) activities with step by step procedure and exercises.

Nano Experimental Kit

NSTC Nano Experimental kit comprises of simple and interesting practical experiments, targeted for upper elementary level students, to create interest within them for this amazing subject of Science. Nano Experimental kit is a DIY exercise with detailed description of the procedure.

Nano Gallery

Nano Gallery is an exclusive showcase of fundamentals of nanotechnology in an interactive manner fully aided by audio-video technology. By means of Nanotechnology posters, Charts, Collages, scientific working models and presentations, the Nano gallery is a fun and knowledgeable experience to have.

Nanotechnology, is the field of future that will replace microelectronics and many fields with tremendous application potential in the areas of medicine, electronics and material science

dr. apj abdul kalam (Aerospace scientist & former president of India)

The Highlights of Course


Aerogels are among the lightest solid materials known to man. They are created by combining a polymer with a solvent to form a gel, and then removing the liquid from the gel and replacing it with air. 


Discovered by Sumio Iijima’s, in 1991. Nano wires have shown special scientific interest due to their potential applications in nano-electronics and sensors.


Nanomedicine will soon build nanorobots which could actually be programmed to repair specifc infected cells. While a surgeon controlled their movement using external positioning devices.

Quantum Dots

In 1980’s, ‘Quantum Dots’ were discovered by Dr. Louis Brus and his team of researchers at Bell Laboratories. These are most apparent fluoresence material in nanoscience.

Key Features

Nano School Club comes as a true source of knowledge provider, we wish to bring the whole era of creative and generative ideas in young generation at schools while transforming them into beginners of technology andachievers of great career aspects in the field Nanotechnology and developmental sciences. 







Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Nanometer

Lesson 2 : Nanoscale Science

Lesson 3 : Nano Properties

Lesson 4 : Sorting Nanomaterials

Lesson 5 : Our Environment

Lesson 6 : Chemicals and Paints

Lesson 7 : Our Health

Lesson 8 : Fibre To Nanotextile

Lesson 9 : Nnaoscience in Sports

Lesson 10 : Applications of Nanotechnology

Highlight of e-LMS

We provide a range of support activities at the LMS site, which are sure to help you in your journey towards becoming a certified Nano-professional.

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