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Science learning doesn't only happen in a lab or classroom. Science is an ongoing process of observing and questioning these observations. Nano School Initiative is a first of its kind endeavor of NSTC to promote the awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology among young kids, teachers and school.

Nano Educational Kit

This educational kit comprises of a colorful and interactive printed books on Nanotechnology and its various applications around us Nano Puzzles, Educational Games, simple Do It Yourself (DIY) activities with step by step procedure and exercises.

Nano Experimental Kit

NSTC Nano Experimental kit comprises of simple and interesting practical experiments, targeted for upper elementary level students, to create interest within them for this amazing subject of Science. Nano Experimental kit is a Do it Yourself exercise with detailed description of the procedure.

Nano Gallery

Nano Gallery is an exclusive showcase of fundamentals of nanotechnology in an interactive manner fully aided by audio-video technology. By means of Nanotechnology posters, Charts, Collages, scientific working models and presentations, the Nano gallery is a fun and knowledgeable experience to have

The Course Highlights

Iridescence effect

The wings of butterflies often display extraordinary colors which are a consequence of the wing’s surface and its interaction with light. The wings also exhibit iridescence, which is the shift in color of an object when observedat different angles.

Gecko effect

A gecko is a lizard that can climb to any surface at any orientation; walk on smooth and rough surfaces, even upside down on a glass surface; and walk on dirt or wet surfaces. The reason of the gecko’s amazing properties lies in the nanostructures that are present on its foot.


The effect shown by lotus leaves such that they never let the water wet them and even cleans out the dirt. Hence, showing self cleaning property. So, as the leaves of lotus was showing these effects, these were called as “Lotus effect”.

Anti-Glare effect

Specialty in moth’s eye is its anti-reflective property i.e., moth’s eye reflect less light due to which moths are able to see in dark without any glare. Moths are able to reflect less amount of light due to the nanostructure oftheir eye.

Key Features

Nano School Club comes as a true source of knowledge provider, we wish to bring the whole era of creative and generative ideas in young generation at schools while transforming them into beginners of technology and achievers of great career aspects in the field Nanotechnology and developmental sciences.

40+ Activities

30+ Sessions

20+ Experiments

Higlights of e-LMS

Chat Box

Instructors hold chat sessions with the class for discussions regarding course material/assignments


Glossary provides a list of definitions related to the program, like a dictionary. This will facilitate quick reference to any term related to the program

Quizes & Assignments

To guide the performance of the students during the course of the program, regular quizzes are added. Creating a little mini-test for each reading assignment encourages students to do the reading so they can do well on the quiz.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums are an excellent way for to interact with your class and share your thoughts and ideas. In order to stimulate the sharing of ideas between students, you are encouraged to post items to the discussion board during the program.

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