Digital Badges & Micro-Credentials

1. Nanoschool Pioneer Badge

  • Description: Awarded for successfully completing the introductory courses on the Nanoschool platform. Recognizes foundational knowledge in a chosen subject area.
  • Criteria: Completion of 5 introductory courses with a minimum score of 80%.

2. Nanoschool Innovator Badge

  • Description: Recognizes learners who have completed intermediate-level courses and demonstrated innovative thinking in projects or assignments.
  • Criteria: Completion of 5 intermediate courses and submission of a project showcasing innovative solutions.

3. Nanoschool Mastery Badge

  • Description: Awarded to learners who have achieved mastery in advanced-level courses and demonstrated a high level of expertise.
  • Criteria: Completion of 5 advanced courses with a minimum score of 90% and a capstone project.

4. Nanoschool Collaborative Leader Badge

  • Description: Recognizes individuals who excel in collaborative projects and demonstrate strong leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Criteria: Active participation in at least 3 group projects, peer reviews, and a leadership role in at least one project.

5. Nanoschool Tech Savvy Badge

  • Description: Awarded for demonstrating proficiency in using advanced technological tools and platforms utilized in Nanoschool courses.
  • Criteria: Completion of specialized tech courses and practical assessments demonstrating tool proficiency.

6. Nanoschool Research Scholar Badge

  • Description: Recognizes contributions to research and academic writing within the Nanoschool platform.
  • Criteria: Submission and acceptance of at least 3 research papers or articles on the Nanoschool online journal.

7. Nanoschool Sustainability Advocate Badge

  • Description: Awarded for completing courses and projects focused on sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  • Criteria: Completion of a sustainability curriculum and a project proposing sustainable solutions.

8. Nanoschool Soft Skills Expert Badge

  • Description: Recognizes proficiency in critical soft skills such as communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence.
  • Criteria: Completion of soft skills training modules and practical assessments.

9. Nanoschool Digital Transformation Badge

  • Description: Awarded for demonstrating knowledge and skills in digital transformation and technology integration.
  • Criteria: Completion of courses related to digital transformation and a project showcasing digital strategy implementation.

10. Nanoschool Lifelong Learner Badge

  • Description: Recognizes continuous learning and commitment to personal and professional growth through the Nanoschool platform.
  • Criteria: Consistent course completion across various disciplines, with at least one course completed every quarter for two years.