Digital Health and Therapeutics: Trends Analysis

Workshop Aim: The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of digital health and therapeutics. By analyzing the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in this field, participants will gain insights into the future of healthcare and learn how to leverage data analytics and AI to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Learn About:

  • Digital health and its role in healthcare
  • Digital therapeutics and its applications
  • Recent trends in digital health technologies
  • Research methodologies in digital health
  • Current research on digital therapeutic interventions and case studies highlighting successful applications
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health Research
  • Leveraging data analytics and AI for digital health research


  • Live lecture
  • Query session one on one
  • e-Certificate for participation
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Chance to get enrolled in any Short course with Flat 15% Fee Concession.

Job Opportunities:

  • Digital Health Specialist/Consultant
  • Healthcare Technology Manager
  • Digital Therapeutics Developer
  • Telemedicine Coordinator
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Researcher in Digital Health
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Intended For : Students and Researchers from diverse backgrounds, including healthcare, biomedical sciences, computer science, engineering, technology, business, Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Innovators, Technologists, Industry Representatives, Regulators, Entrepreneurs

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Keywords: Data analytics, AI in healthcare, Predictive analytics, Machine learning, Clinical decision support, Precision medicine, Big data, Healthcare data visualization, Remote patient monitoring, Electronic health records (EHR), Natural language processing (NLP), Population health management, Wearable device data analytics, Patient engagement, Drug discovery, Data privacy, Data governance.

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