New Year Offer End Date: 29th February 2024

Open AI GPT Models

Unleash the Power of OpenAI GPT Models: Transforming Knowledge into Skills

About Course:

The workshop is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage cutting-edge AI technology for various applications. Whether you are a developer, content creator, marketer, or business professional, this workshop caters to diverse backgrounds and interests.

Aim: The learner will be introduced to the concepts of Language Model, details about Generative Pre-trained Transformer along with live demonstrations of GPT in Auto HTML generation, Building IntelliSense, Language Translation, Text Summarization, Question Answering, Text classification.

Course Objectives:

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Gain an in-depth understanding of how GPT models work, their architecture, and their capabilities.
  • Hands-on Experience: Get hands-on experience with practical coding exercises and real- world examples.
  • Application Building: Learn to build practical applications, such as chatbots, content generators, and language translation tools.
  • Ethical Considerations: Explore the ethical implications of AI and learn responsible AI development.
  • Career Advancement: Discover how mastering GPT models can enhance your career prospects in AI development, content creation, marketing, and more.

What you will learn?

Day 1: Artificial Intelligence Discriminative vs Generative models

  • Language Model
  • Transformer model
  • Pretrained model
  • GPT Production and Application Demos-1

Day 2: GPT Production Demos

  • GPT Production and Application Demos -2
  • Python code Demo
  • GPT scenario

Fee Plan

INR 1999 /- OR USD 50

Intended For : Graduates, Postgraduates, Developers and programmers, Content creators, Marketers, Business professionals

Career Supporting Skills

AI Development Market Research Content Automation Cross-Cultural Communication Chatbot Development Ethical AI Advocacy

Course Outcomes

  • Understand Discriminative and Generative AI.
  • Understand what a Language Model, Pre-trained Model and Transformer Model is.
  • Know the various products of GPT.
  • Know the various tasks that can be performed using GPT Models