Virtual Workshop

Supervised Machine Learning Using Python

Don’t Just Analyze Data, Make It Work For You


About Workshop:

A supervised machine learning using Python online workshop is a learning program that aims to teach participants the theory and practical applications of supervised machine learning using the Python programming language. Through the workshop, participants will learn about data preprocessing, supervised learning algorithms, model evaluation, and selection.

Aim: To understand the basic concepts of supervised machine learning and the different types of supervised learning algorithms.


What you will learn?

  1.  Introduction to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Applications of ML
  3. Types of ML Algorithms
  4. Supervised ML
  5. Linear Regression (Simple and Multiple)
  6.  Logistic Regression
  7. Decision Tree
  8. Random Forest
  9. Naive Bayes Classifier
  10. Implementation of Supervised ML using Python
  11. Mini Project

Fee Plan

StudentINR 1599/- OR USD 70
Ph.D. Scholar / ResearcherINR 1599/- OR USD 70
Academician / FacultyINR 1599/- OR USD 70
Industry ProfessionalINR 1599/- OR USD 70

Important Dates

Registration Ends
25 Mar 2023
AT IST: 12:00 PM
Workshop Dates
25 Mar 2023 to
26 Mar 2023


Intended For: Students, Scientist, Developer, Engineer, PhD Scholars, Academician, Industry Professionals

Job-Ready Skills

Machine Learning Engineer Data Scientist Data Analyst Business Intelligence Analyst Artificial Intelligence Developer Data Engineer Research Scientist Predictive Modeler Analytics Consultant Machine Learning Researcher