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Integrated Program In Nanotechnology

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Virtual (Google Meet)
Self Paced
3 months


  • Introduction: Understand nanotechnology’s principles, applications, and significance.
  • Nanomaterials: Explore properties, synthesis, and characterization techniques.
  • Nanoscale Engineering: Design, fabricate, and manipulate nanoscale structures.
  • Biomedical Applications: Investigate nanotech’s role in medicine and diagnostics.
  • Environmental Impact: Evaluate nanotech’s contributions to pollution and water.
  • Nanoelectronics: Design nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices.
  • Nanomedicine: Implement nanotech for disease diagnosis and therapy.
  • Safety and Ethics: Understand risks and ethical considerations.
  • Lab Skills: Acquire hands-on experience in synthesis and characterization.
  • Career Preparation: Ready for roles in research, industry, and academia.


The program covers the technologies used to design, realize and analyze micro and nano-scale devices, materials and systems, coupled with general and technology management. This is supported by project work and ensures graduates to emerge training in a wide range of technical and management skills and have a sharp appreciation of the relevance of the subject to industrial needs.

Short Courses Objectives

  • Understand nanotechnology principles and concepts.
  • Explore nanomaterial properties, synthesis, and characterization.
  • Learn nanoscale structure design and fabrication.
  • Investigate nanotech applications in biomedicine.
  • Evaluate nanotech’s role in environmental remediation.
  • Delve into nanoelectronic and nanophotonic device design.
  • Implement nanotech for disease diagnosis and therapy.
  • Understand risks and safety protocols of nanomaterials.
  • Analyze ethical, legal, and societal implications.
  • Acquire practical lab skills in nanomaterial synthesis.

Short Courses Structure

Module 1: Introduction to Nanotechnology

  • Lesson: What Are Nano & Nanometer
  • Unit1 & Unit 2 Resource
  • Lesson: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology- Definitions & Components
  • Unit 1 – Nanoscience Resource
  • Unit 2- Nanotechnology Resource

Nanotechnology Videos

  • Introduction to Nanotechnology
  • How small is Nanometer
  • What is Nanotechnology?


  • Introduction to Nanotechnology

Module 2: Nano [Chemistry-Physics-Biology]

  • Lesson- Physics at Nanoscale
  • Nanoscale Physics- Unit1
  • Nanoscale Physics-Unit 2
  • Nanoscale Physics-Unit 3
  • Nanoscale Physics-Unit 4
  • Nanoscale Physics- Unit 5

Module 3: Profit from Nanotechnology- Applications of Nanotechnology in Various Sectors

  • How Will Nanotechnology Affect Us? –PART 1
  • How Nanotechnology Will Affect Us? – Part 2
  • Applications of Nanotechnology in Various Fields
  • Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
  • Nanotechnology in Electronic Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Chemical Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Medical Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Automobiles
  • Nanotechnology in Agriculture Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Textile

Nanotechnology Videos

  • Applications of Nanotechnology
  • Nanorobots
  • Nanomedicine


  • Applications of Nanotechnology-1 file
  • Applications of Nanotechnology-2 file
  • Applications of Nanotechnology-3 file

Module 4- Nano Materials -Concepts & Fundamentals

  • Lesson: Natural Nanomaterials
  • Unit1 – Natural Nanomaterials Resource
  • Unit 2- Natural Nanomaterials formed by Animals Resource
  • Health Benefits of Nanomaterials Resource
  • Industrial Applications of Nanomaterials Resource
  • Lesson : Classification of Nanomaterials
  • Classification of Nanomaterials Resource
  • Lesson: Properties of Nanomaterials
  • Unit 1- Properties of Nanomaterials Resource
  • Lesson: Applications of Nanomaterials
  • Unit 1- Applications of Nanomaterials Resource

Nanotechnology Videos

  • Structrure and Role of Nanomaterials Resource
  • Role of Nanomaterials in Cancer Resource
  • Method from Nature for Nanoparticles Production Resource
  • Water Resistant Property of Nanoglass Resource
  • Nano Magic Resource
  • Products of Nanomaterials Resource


  • Nanomaterials applications file
  • Nano Products file
  • Synthesis of Nanomaterials file
  • nanomaterials in Textiles file

Module 5- Nano Structures – Concepts & Fundamentals

  • Lesson: Introduction to Thin Films Resource
  • Lesson: Nanocomposites & their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanofabrics- Production techniques & Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanocapsules & their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Dendrimers & their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanoshells & their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanocages and their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanoflowers and their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanofoams & their Applications Resource
  • Lesson: Nanotubes & their Applications Resource

Nanotechnology Videos

  • Introduction to Nanostructures
  • Applications of Nanostructures

Module 6- Carbon Nanotubes- Technology & Applications

  • Lesson: Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes
  • Unit 1- Overview of Fullerene Resource
  • Unit 2- Bucky-ball Resource
  • Unit 3- Carbon Nanotube Resource
  • Lesson: Classifications of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Unit 1- Types of Carbon Nanotubes Resource
  • Lesson: Properties of Carbon Nanotubes  Unit 1- Properties of CNTs Resource
  • Lesson: Characterization Tools for Carbon Nanotubes
  • Unit 1 – Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Resource
  • Lesson: Production Techniques of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Unit 1- Techniques to Synthesize Carbon Nanotubes Resource
  • Lesson: Specific Application Areas of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Unit 1- Applications of Carbon Nanotubes Resource

Nanotechnology Videos

  • Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes
  • What are Carbon Nanotubes Resource
  • C60 Fullerene & Carbon Nanotube Interaction Resource
  • How are Carbon Nanotubes made Resource
  • How can we see Carbon Nanotubes Resource
  • Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
  • Carbon Nanotube Electronics Resource
  • Carbon Nanotubes in Microchip Resource


  • Carbon Nanotubes file
  • Carbon Nanotubes -1 file

Module 7- Nano – Synthesis & Fabrication- Concepts & Fundamentals

  • Bottom up Synthesis Techniques Resource
  • Top Down Mechanical Energy Fabrication Method Resource
  • Top Down Thermal Fabrication Methods Resource
  • Top Down High Energy and Particle Fabrication Resource
  • Nano-Synthesis Techniques
  • Laser Ablation Process Resource
  • Nano-Fabrication Techniques


  • Nanosynthesis and Fabrication-I file
  • Nanosynthesis and Fabrication-II file
  • Nanosynthesis and Fabrication-III file
  • Nanosynthesis and Fabrication-IV file

Module 8- Nano -Characterization & Manipulation-Concepts & Fundamentals

  • Lesson: Introduction to Characterization and Manipulation Resource
  • Lesson: Nanoscale Characterization Techniques Resource
  • Lesson: Assisted Characterization Techniques in Nanotechnology Resource
  • Lesson: Introduction to Nanomechanics Resource
  • Lesson: Applications of Nanomechanics Resource
  • Lesson: Introduction to Nanomanipulation Resource
  • Lesson: Various Manipulations in Nanotechnology Resource
  • Lesson: Introduction to Nanofabrication Resource
  • Lesson: Fabrication Techniques in Nanotechnology Resource
  • Lesson: Introduction to Nano-Computation Resource
  • Lesson : Faceted Melt /Crystal Interfaces Resource
  • Lesson: Nano-materials Design for High TC- Ferromagnetism

Participant’s Eligibility

Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Academicians, Industry Professionals of materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and biotechnology

Short Courses Outcomes

  • Understand nanotechnology principles.
  • Explore nanomaterial properties and synthesis methods.
  • Design and fabricate nanoscale structures.
  • Apply nanotechnology in biomedicine.
  • Evaluate nanotech’s environmental impact.
  • Design nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices.
  • Implement nanotech in disease diagnosis.
  • Understand nanomaterial risks and safety.
  • Analyze nanotech’s ethical implications.
  • Acquire practical lab skills in nanomaterial synthesis.

Fee Structure



INR. 20300
USD. 1250





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