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About NSTC

Nano School is a new and unique interactive platform in the Nanotechnology domain, with the most latest learning and teaching aids and live mentoring which will be very helpful for student’s learning. Nano School brings technology and advance sciences close to students and makes them interesting and useful by better LIVE online learning for participants. Platform provides advance courses for learned professionals and industry participants through unique courses.

Popular Nanotechnology Courses

Introductory Program in Nanotechnology

The innovative Program aims to give participants a broad view of Nanotechnology and the prospects of Nanotechnology in the near future. The program covers various information needs of Nanotechnology from the historical to present and future perspectives.

Nano Sensitization Program

The Program aims to provide a good academic foundation in the areas of Nanoscience & Nanotech. It intends to meet the emerging demands of nanotech. Professionals and will prepare the participants for a successful career in Nano Science and Technology.

Nanomaterial Production and Certification

The Program Nanotechnology in Waste to Nanomaterial Production & Industrial Certification is an advanced program meant to enhance the knowledge base of participants in the area of production of nanomaterial waste products.

Waste Water Remediation with Nanotechnology

The Program in Wastewater Remediation using Polymer Nanotechnology is an advanced program meant to enhance the knowledge base of participants in the area of wastewater treatment caused due to chemical industries by using the advance Nanotechnology

Silicon Nanostructure & Carbon Nanotubes

The most of the innovation and funding in Nanotechnology research came from Electronics giants. Manufacturing and marketing of Nano gadgets started from the computers and mobiles which are the only machines made at Nano scale that were available economically.

Bionanotechnology & its Medical Application

This unique flagship interdisciplinary program offers the possibility of understanding the smallest structural features of a cell or tissue, and using that knowledge to develop medical devices or treatments that will work on a scale of a nanometer.

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