May 12


Courses after 12th

Deciding about courses after 12th can be confusing. With many courses related to different fields available in the market, the confusion is valid. What if we tell you that we will upgrade your knowledge about the emerging technology called Nanotechnology. Welcome to our website, we are Nano Science and Technology Consortium (NSTC), and we wholeheartedly believe in Next-gen Nanotechnology. After working in the Nanotechnology field for more than fifteen years, we can say with surety that the ‘Future is in small things.’ Hence, we are determined to be aware and educate the world about Nanotechnology. You can join our Nanotechnology courses after 12th. NSTC provides short-term to long-term courses. We have courses with a duration of one month to six months for you to join courses after 12th. You can access the entire course structure through our e-LMS (Electronic Learning Management System). Therefore, you can complete your entire course after 12th by just sitting in the comfort of your house. Just one thing that you require for our courses after 12th is an excellent connection to the internet. With our online training programs, you can build a solid foundation in Nanotechnology and then start your journey in the field. Moreover, our Nanotechnology courses after 12th provide candidates with some additional activities like quizzes, reports, and e-assignments, and you will be able to work on the project under the supervision of the Project Coordinator.  

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