New Year Offer End Date: 31st January 2024

Python Programming For Biologists :A Guide To Programming

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About Course:

Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of programming, such as variables, data types, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming. They will also learn how to use Python libraries and modules commonly used in biological research, such as NumPy, Pandas, and Seaborn.
The workshop will cover topics such as data manipulation, data visualization, and statistical analysis, with a focus on applications in biology.

Aim: To provide advanced-level training on python for biologists, focusing on specialized libraries and tools used in bioinformatics and computational biology

Course Objectives:

What you will learn?

Day 1- Python basics – Quick overview of installation, data structures, file handling, iteration and Python Libraries
Day 2- Data analytics with Pandas and Numpy
Day 3- Data Vizualization with Matplotlib, ggplot
Day 4- Introduction to Biopython

Fee Plan

INR 1999 /- OR USD 50

Intended For : Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Academicians, Industry Professionals, Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

Career Supporting Skills

Applied Data Scientist Data Scientist Machine Learning Scientist Senior Data Scientist Senior Machine Learning Engineer Senior Systems Engineer – Systems Modeling & Controls Expert

Course Outcomes