New Year Offer End Date: 31st January 2024

Microbial Fuel Cells: The Next Generation of Sustainable Energy Technology

MFCs: Driving sustainable innovation and energy efficiency

About Course:

The “Microbial Fuel Cells: The Next Generation of Sustainable Energy Technology” workshop aims to bring together researchers, industry professionals, and students interested in the field of MFCs to explore the potential of this technology as a sustainable energy source. The workshop covers topics such as the basic principles of MFCs, their various applications, advances in MFC technology, and the challenges and opportunities associated with this technology.

Aim: The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers, engineers, and industry professionals working on microbial fuel cells to discuss recent advances, challenges, and opportunities in the field.

Course Objectives:

What you will learn?

  1. Introduction to microbial fuel cells: History, principle, and applications.
  2. Advances in microbial fuel cell technology: Current state of the art and future prospects.
  3. Design and optimization of microbial fuel cells: Electrode materials, microbial strains, and operating conditions.
  4. Scaling up microbial fuel cells for practical applications: Challenges and opportunities.
  5. Integration of microbial fuel cells with other technologies: Desalination, wastewater treatment, and bioelectrochemical systems.
  6. Environmental and economic sustainability of microbial fuel cells: Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis.
  7. Future directions in microbial fuel cell research: New materials, novel configurations, and emerging applications.
  8. Case studies and success stories: Real-world applications of microbial fuel cells in industry, agriculture, and energy systems.

Fee Plan

INR 1999 /- OR USD 50

Intended For : Students, Post Graduates, PhD Scholars, Researcher, Academician, Research Scientist, Engineer, Industry Professionals

Career Supporting Skills

Scientist Environmental Engineer Research Scientist Bioprocess Engineer Sustainability Consultant

Course Outcomes