New Year Offer End Date: 31st January 2024

Biological Sequence Analysis using R Programming

“Precision in Every Nucleotide: Elevate Your Biological Sequence Skills with R”

About Course:

This workshop is a comprehensive three-day program designed to empower participants with practical skills in computational biology and bioinformatics using R Studio. Covering key aspects of DNA and protein sequence analysis, phylogenetic tree construction, RNA sequencing analysis, and functional annotation, the workshop provides hands-on experience and valuable insights into the applications of R Studio in the field of genomics and systems biology.

Aim: The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with hands-on experience in utilizing R Studio for computational biology and bioinformatics tasks. Participants will gain practical skills in analyzing DNA and protein sequences, constructing phylogenetic trees, conducting differential gene expression analysis, and performing functional annotation using R.

Course Objectives:

What you will learn?

Day 1: 

  • Introduction to R studio
  • Installing requisite libraries
  • Read and Store DNA sequences
  • Transform, Find motif and basic statistics

Day 2:

  • Analysing Protein Properties
  • MSA with R
  • Phylogenetic Tree Construction in R
  • NJ tree, Bootstrapping

Day 3:

  • Introduction to Bioconductor
  • Differential gene expression analysis of RNA seq
  • Heat map generation
  • Functional annotation

Requirement: The workshop is meant for participants with moderate level of programming proficiency or
with basic idea of R . Requirement any OS with latest version of R and R studio installed

Fee Plan

INR 1999 /- OR USD 50

Intended For : Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Academicians, Industry Professionals in the fields of biology, bioinformatics, and computational biology

Career Supporting Skills

Bioinformatics Analyst Computational Biologist Research Scientist in Genomics Data Analyst in Life Sciences Biostatistician Bioinformatics Software Developer Genomic Data Scientist Research Associate in Systems Biology Computational Genomics Specialist

Course Outcomes

  • Proficient use of R Studio for computational biology and bioinformatics analyses.
  • Ability to independently install and manage requisite libraries for bioinformatics tasks.
  • Competence in reading, storing, and statistically analyzing DNA sequences.
  • Advanced skills in transforming data, identifying motifs, and conducting statistical analyses on DNA sequences.
  • Capability to analyze protein properties using R.
  • Proficiency in Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) and phylogenetic tree construction.
  • Understanding of Neighbor-Joining (NJ) tree creation and bootstrapping in phylogenetic analysis.
  • Familiarity with Bioconductor and its applications in bioinformatics.
  • Skill in conducting differential gene expression analysis of RNA sequencing data.
  • Ability to generate heat maps for visualizing gene expression patterns.
  • Competence in functional annotation of genes using Bioconductor tools.