Green Nanoparticles: Application To Drug Delivery

“Nano-sized delivery, eco-friendly solution”

About Course:

The Green Nanoparticles: Application To Drug Delivery workshop is designed to educate participants on the use of eco-friendly nanoparticles for drug delivery. The workshop covers topics such as the benefits of green nanoparticles, their synthesis and characterization, and their applications in drug delivery. Participants will learn about the latest research and techniques in the field, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with green nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.

Aim: To provide knowledge about Green Nanoparticles, which can reduce adverse drug reactions and its significance in latest trends of drug delivery.

Course Objectives:

What you will learn?

1 What is a green nanomaterial
2 Basics of polymers & biopolymers
3 Methods to nanotize biopolymers
4 Characterizations of polymeric nanoparticles
5 Polymer nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles
6 Encapsulation of drugs in biopolymer nanoparticles
7 Release kinetics of loaded drugs
8 Targeted drug release

Mentor Profile

Prof. Himadri B. Bohidar
TERI-Deakin, Nanobiotechnology Center, Gurgaon
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Fee Plan

INR 1999 /- OR USD 50

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Intended For : Students, Graduates, Post Graduates, Research Scholars, Academicians, Industry Professionals

Career Supporting Skills

Materials ScientistEnvironmental ScientistResearch and Development ScientistScientistEngineer

Course Outcomes