Dr. Mohd Zamir Pakhuruddin is currently the Director at Institute ofNano Optoelectronics Research and Technology (INOR) and a lecturer at School of Physics, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia. He spent about 8 years in industry as a Senior Engineer of Photolithography and Sputtering (R&D) in SilTerra and Fuji Electric, Kulim Hi-Tech Park respectively. He received his PhD in Photovoltaics Engineering at University of New South Wales(UNSW), Australia. His expertise is in Photovoltaic materials and devices (PVMD). His current research includes black silicon, perovskite and organic solar cells for conventional, solar windows and indoorphotovoltaic applications. To date, he has published more than 40 research papers in the field of photovoltaic. He has been a keynote speaker and an invited speaker in international conferences, seminars and trainings on topics related to the physics of solar cells, optics and light-trapping, photovoltaic technologies andphotovoltaic manufacturing. He is a Professional Technologist (Ts.) in Green Technology, which is awarded by Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT).